Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My sweaty, silly boy

A quick look at this picture might make you think that it was cold here today ~ not so! It was nice, around 75 degrees or so. In fact rather warm in the sun. But there were also bugs. Bugs that were bothering my cute boy. The solution: Cover up completely!! Mittens and all! (he did have a hat but it is in his hand for the picture.
When he came around by me he was totally sweaty but seemed to be enjoying his time outside and didn't seem bothered by bugs anymore so I guess it worked.

It makes me think of another thing funny about him today. When I went to wake him up this morning he had socks on his hands. I asked about it at breakfast and he told me why. I guess Jonathan (who had worn socks to bed) got hot last night before they fell to sleep and so he took off his socks and asked Aaron (don't ask me why he asked him, I don't know!) if he wanted them. Aaron didn't need them for his feet as he already had some on himself and he explained that he was sweaty so he decided to put them on his hands. I don't quite understand the logic in that but maybe it is logical to a 4 year old boy!


shell said...
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shell said...

Kids are awesome!! I love to hear the reasoning behind the funny things they do =)

Ang said...

How funny.

Anonymous said...

The socks were to wipe his sweat off, more convenient you see. Anna

Abbi said...

Kids are great! I am so glad God blessed me with some.
Thanks for explaining the socks Anna, I guess that does make sense. :-)

martha said...

What a smart little boy. also you didn't have to worry about sun screen on him as he was totally covered!


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