Friday, June 27, 2008

Entering stuff at the county fair

A few years ago my kids and I got started on what is now a fun yearly tradition. We entered stuff at our county fair.
I guess I had kind of been under the impression that stuff entered at the county fair was stuff that was done by those in 4-H groups or that it was difficult to enter stuff at the fair. I found out that I was totally wrong!
Entering stuff at the fair is quite easy. You can either pre-register (which I totally recommend because at least at our fair it majorly speeds up the "check in" process) or you can just bring your stuff that day (at our fair it is the day before the Fair really starts) to check in. It doesn't cost anything to enter and guess what!? If you win you don't just get a ribbon you also get a little money (not much but it is fun to get something).
At our county fair and I would guess this is true throughout the country, there are oodles of areas to enter stuff in: Sewing (clothing, quilts, bags, you name it and there is a category), Baking (bread, muffins, cookies, cake, etc.), Paper Crafts (scrapbook pages, homemade paper, cards, etc.), Knitting, Crocheting, Tatting, Canning, Flower Arrangements, Wood working, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Other Crafts, Garden veggies,Baskets, Plants and the list goes on. There are first, second and third prizes given in each category and so your chances of getting a prize are quite high (since participation at fairs, though there is a fair amount is not as much as there is categories).
I just thought I would tell others about this opportunity because not only is it fun to take something you have worked hard making and see if it will get a prize but also the chance to win a little money is fun for both Parents and kids. I usually take a lot of stuff (last time I had a big suitcase full as well as a box. The suitcase works very well for transporting some stuff as it is on wheels and you can carefully pack it). Taking a lot of stuff ensures that I will always (at least it has worked for me so far) have quite a few ribbons and thus win some cash.
Mara has also entered quite a bit. It seems like competition is a little higher among the kids but she has still gotten ribbons, also at our fair for the kids if the item doesn't get a regular ribbon then they give it a rainbow participation ribbon. With the money we have won we have enjoyed sending it to one of the missionaries we like to support.
Do any of the rest of you enter stuff at county fairs? What have your experiences been like?
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Anonymous said...

I always thought it was difficult to enter as well.

you still have to pay to enter the actual "fair" though right? DO you have to pay when you drop it off and pick it up?

I think we may try doing this next year. It will give us time to focus on crafting over the next year.

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...
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Abbi said...

When we drop stuff off and pick stuff up we don't have to pay to enter the fair as it is before it starts and after it ends. We do like to go see our stuff there however so we do always go to the fair. Here we have a fairly small fee per carload.


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