Thursday, June 19, 2008

A quick project to make a litte boy happy

Jonathan has been wanting overalls for quite a little while now. Aaron has several pairs and Jonathan thought they were something he really needed too. As usual he asked me to make them, knowing that is more likely what his mom would do rather than buying something.

Tuesday evening I was working on mending and I came across some jeans and overalls that weren't worth mending and I started thinking that maybe I could quite quickly whip up some overalls with them. I had Jonathan try on the overalls below thinking maybe I could just cut them down somehow. I started working on that but it didn't quite work.

So I ended up using a pair of jeans with his jeans as a pattern and I cut out the pants section of the overalls from them. I was able to use the existing leg seams. I just had to sew the crotch seam. Then I used a square from the back of the pair of jeans which had the pocket in it and attached it for the front bib part. Then I did use the back part from the old overalls and attached it for the back part of the overalls. The waist was a little big so I just put in some elastic quickly to make it fit better.
The overalls that resulted from an hour or so of work are not designer ones and not made that greatly but they do work and they did make one little boy happy.

Have you been doing any sewing lately? Share with me! I could use some more inspiration. If you have any questions feel free to fire away in the comments section.


Emily said...

I am quite impressed Abbi! I'm afraid I don't have any inspiration for you kind of works the other way. :) How about making a velcro doll I saw make it out of terry cloth with removable body parts (like nose, ears, eyes, hat, hair, mouth, and bow tie) Maybe Magan would have fun with that?

martha said...

One cute little boy!


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