Monday, June 16, 2008

I think I am still in shock...

Today Jonathan, Mara and I went to the dentist. We went to have our teeth cleaned and I wanted to have my retainer removed. The dentist also checked our mouths quickly and he decided to fill 3 tiny cavities that I had. We were there a couple of hours and I did figure it would cost a fair amount but when I went to pay (using our health savings account debit card) she told me $610 and my jaw dropped and then she is like "oh no, that's not right!" and I was thinking oh good, she got something wrong. And then she said "it is $616. Going to the dentist sure isn't cheap!!

And if that wasn't enough, my van was nearly out of gas so I went and filled up. To the tune of $83.23! I do believe that is a new record for me! I did have $5 in coupons though so I did save a little bit.

Well I am surely thankful that we have a God that provides for us very well, even when things are expensive!

I am curious, do you get regular dental cleanings? If you do, do you have insurance that covers? I am wondering if they are really worth it. What do you think?


ChristyBC said...

Our insurance covers cleanings every six months 100%. If we have cavities then we have to pay something...I'm remembering something like $90 one time for Kent. I think if it cost that much for cleanings I'd just work extra hard at home on flossing and brushing and do them every other year or so! :)

BlessedMama said...

We haven't been to the dentist in a year and half because the last time we went it was almost $1000! And that's with insurance! Josh had to have 3 wisdom teeth pulled which he chose to not be put to sleep because they said it was much cheeper if you did it awake! Wow, what would it have been otherwise? I had 2 cavities filled and that's it. I used to be so good at going to get my teeth cleaned, but now I'm always afraid they'll tell me I need something done and I don't always know whether to do it or not. Sorry for your shock. :-) I was planning on making an appointment but that just scared me off again! :-)

All in a Day said...

We pay around $33 a month for dental insurance and that covers cleanings and exams twice a year and x-rays and fluoride once a year. For any cavities etc. we have a $25 copay for up to three people and then pay 20% of things after that for cavities. I think it's 50% for major things like root canals. We have great insurance up here. For us, the insurance we pay is less than it would be for four of us to get just the cleanings twice a year. Since we have a large family...

We do go for the cleanings twice a year, but I don't always have the cavities taken care of.

Having said that, preventative care is the best way to go...flossing really helps so I'm trying my hardest to get over the grossness (to me) of putting my fingers into my kids' mouths! (And I really do think genetics have something to do with it too, but that's another story.) :)

I believe also that having insurance does jack the prices of things up for other people. They get their fluoride for a few dollars per bottle which is good for 50 patients yet charge $29.00 to have it done. It's no wonder our old dentist is able to take his workers on cruises every year.

The same things are done in hospitals and clinics. I was charged $5.45 for one prenatal vitamin when Emily was born, and a whole bottle only cost $4.99 at the time (though I still get them free through Mike's work.)

For immunizations I used to be charged a penny until they found out insurance covered them, and one I just got cost $48.00!

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box and clean up our living room. It's quite a mess after our camping trip.

Ang said...

Terry and I have great Dental Insurance and a great DENTIST!!! We have have like six cleanings three teeth pulled one wisdom and like six cavities and one floride sp? treatment and I think that we have paid a total of 150 dollars. The teeth we had pulled at the dentist school in Iowa City with a student but still I think that that is great and we pay like $7 a month for the insurance added to the insurance we get from his work. I need to be more thankful for that insurance it sounds.

Ang said...

oh my dentist also says that if you are going to drink anything but water drink it throw a straw. The acid in juices are very bad on the teeth who would have thought.


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