Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first time of participating in Menu Plan Monday. For most of my married life I have cooked using a menu (I would usually make one up monthly) but this year I have not done as well at making menus consistently. I decided that it would be good to challenge myself to post my menu every Monday to help get me in the habit again.

With that said here is my Menu: (For lunches Ken takes a sandwich and some leftovers to work and the kids and I nearly always eat leftovers.)

Breakfast: Farm fresh fried eggs and Toast made from Homemade bread with milk.
Supper: Ken and I had a supper meeting and the kids went to my parents for supper.

Breakfast: Pancakes and Strawberries.
Supper: Chicken Chalupa (for tortilla recipe go here), Fruit Salad.

Breakfast: Cereal, oatmeal or cornmeal mush.
Supper: Homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Green beans.

Breakfast: Muffins and eggs.
Supper:Spaghetti, Broccoli, Bread, Alabama Sweet Tea (though cutting back on the sugar) and Pecan Pie.

Breakfast: Pancakes (from extra made on Tuesday)
Supper: Venison Stew and Cornbread.

Breakfast:Hashbrowns, eggs and fruit.
Supper:Chicken(or turkey) noodle soup and Dill and cheddar biscuits.

Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy.
Dinner: Ham, potatoes, carrots and green beans.
Supper:Tuna melts and fruit.

To see many other menus for the week visit Organizing Junkie.


Sarah said...

I was just curious: is dinner the equivalent of what us Californians would call lunch? Our meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't think I've ever seen a menu with Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper. Just curious. =)


Cassandra said...

In the south, it most certainly is breakfast, dinner and supper. Some folks say breakfast, lunch and supper. But if you are below Tennessee and this side of Texas, when someone says "dinner" is never "dinner" it's "lunch" haha.

Katie said...

Ukranian people have been taught the queens English. Andrew and I say lunch and supper. Dinner is Sunday dinner or Christmas dinner. We are always telling them how it should be said. hee hee
I started making a menu a year ago or so. It makes life so much easier. Andrew loves knowing what to expect.

Abbi said...

Sarah, I do call the evening meal supper, the noon meal dinner or lunch and then of course the morning meal is breakfast. Here in MN it seems like some do it the way I do and some the way you do. My parents grew up on farms in the midwest and I think that the way I am used to is the way a lot of farmers do it. My husband grew up in Nevada and the west coast and he says it generally like you do. Sometimes it can make life confusing!

martha said...

I agree with Katie! Dinner comes on Sunday and holidays!

Sarah said...

You learn something new every day! Maybe I'll start calling lunch dinner and dinner supper around here to shake things up a bit. haha.


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