Monday, June 16, 2008

A fun father's day

We had a fun Father's Day at our house (I hope you all did too!!). For breakfast I made waffles and scrambled eggs (not exactly following my menu) and the kids put their cards and a few small gifts for Daddy (all except one were homemade) around his plate. Also as soon as Ken got up (on weekends he is often the last up) the kids all ran down to wish him a Happy Father's day.

One of the gifts given to Ken was a coupon book made by all of us. The page above was designed by Jonathan.

After church our family, my parents and brother and a couple of other friends went on a picnic. The weather was fairly nice (cool but okay) when we got there but as we ate it got increasingly cooler. The afghans that mom always keeps in here van got put into use and we ended up not staying around real long. We did have a yummy lunch though and it was fun to be together.

The park that we went to had recently been redone and looked very nice. They had these chairs along a walkway that faced the lake. It was quite pretty.

After supper we had Ken go on a scavenger hunt that led to this ice cream cake that we had made for him.

What did you all do for Father's day?


Keren said...

Looks fun, Your table decorations are pretty, Is it Lilacs? I am Afraid i am going to miss those. The ice cream cake looks really yummy.

Ang said...

How cool. One year for Christmas Terry and I decided to make notes to each other and not spend to much like 25 on each other and to tell you the truth those notes are more special than any gift he bought. Well except for my Princess.


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