Monday, June 23, 2008

Our first harvest!

On Friday we pulled up our first radishes! We all enjoyed butter and radish sandwiches. Sometimes I can get a little impatient when gardening and it is always fun when something is ready to eat!

The radishes were our first official harvest of something we planted but we have also been eating chives, mint and some "weeds".

The picture above is of Lambs quarter. It is a weed that is good to eat. I am not real big on just plain cooked greens but I have found a bunch of ways (including putting it in sloppy joes) to get it in our food without anybody minding.
This next picture(above) is Amaranth. Another weed that is good for you. I use it the same way as lambs quarter.
I thought I would also share a picture of my garden helpers. Here is what we set up for our beans to grow on. Aaron found most of the sticks and brought them to me. He was very happy to be told that he was a "very strong boy!"

How are your gardens doing?


Wael said...

Nice blog.

All in a Day said...

I pulled one of mine to see how far along it was...very impatient of me. :)

I just learned about eating Lambs quarter and Amaranth over Father's Day weekend. Did yours just show up, or did you plant it some time ago?

Emily said...

Maybe you can come over sometime and tell me if I have lamb's quarter in my garden...I think it is...and I think I have a ton. Since I was going to weed it out, I mind as well find out if it's edible!
My radishes are not growing well. :)

Abbi said...

Shelly, Mine just showed up. It is a week but it is nice because you can eat it.
Emily, remind me and I would be glad to check yours out sometime. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow evening as we hope to be biking by rather close to there.


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