Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Tea

Last week I did something that I had never done before which is hosting a Musical Breakfast Tea (With a Christmas Theme). It ended up working out quite well and was quite a bit of fun. It is also a very economical way to have a party. We did all our own baking (A couple friends came over to help) which was also fun.
To start out I made homemade invitations using the computer to print on white paper and then put that on top of black paper and tied with a red ribbon. I also added a stamp on the bottom. On the invitations I invited everyone to dress up and also bring along a musical number to share. ( I was inviting some music students as well as other musical friends.)
I also made name cards using my heart and paisley punches and a button to create a flower on each one.
I pulled out my pretty linens and special luncheon dishes and also used evergreens on the table.
I also made printed menus/programs that listed everything we had to eat and the music that was going to be played.
To drink we had several varieties of tea and hot chocolate with whipped cream.
For eating we had cinnamon rolls, scones, Vanocka braid, pumpkin muffins, Danish puff and raspberries in whipped cream.
These girls seemed to enjoy using the sugar bowl. :-)
After everyone had been served their food then the music began. We enjoyed hearing many Christmas Carols as well as some other songs. At the end we all had fun singing and making music together.
It turned out to be a quite fun morning for me and the others seemed to enjoy it as well. A simple, economical and fun way to celebrate the season.


me said...

What a good idea! That looks like fun!

Emily said...

I heard it was great!

shell said...

Hey is that your table cloth from Grandma Jean in the third picture? I used mine last year at a Ladies dinner at our church. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Rhonda said...

Looks like your party was a huge success.
The computer is a great tool and a money saver. I have been making birthday and Christmas cards for a couple of years with commercial cards costing up tp $8, I've really hit upon something.

Ang said...

wow what a wonderful thing to do. You must have a huge house. I never thought of doing Christmas cards on the computer. Last year I bought some after the new year and got a box of 18 for about 75 cents. If you watch then I don't think that you can make them with the envelopes for that price. After Christmas sales rock.

Abbi said...

We did have fun! Thanks for all the comments.
Shelly, That is my tablecloth from Grandma Jean. I really like it and use it for almost every "special event" at my house.

Angie said...

Wow that looks like a lot of fun!


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