Friday, December 5, 2008

Life as Mom

I thought it would be fun to share some tidbits of my day...

~ Getting hugged tightly around my neck and told "You're so sweet mom." by my 2 year old.

~Getting to answer tons of questions from my 5 year old about the state of Oklahoma while we are reading. Feeling a little frustrated and then realizing that we are reading to learn not just to get through a book and that is how he learns best.

~ Coming in upon my 9 year old who quickly hides her Birthday project for me. She has been full of secrets all week, it is rather exciting! :-)

~Jonathan begging me to read just one more chapter of "Man of the Family". Though I don't really care for begging it does make it much more fun to read when I know they are really enjoying it.

~Carefully arranging so that Megan would be napping and the others playing quietly when a Bride came for her wedding flower consultation but instead Megan doesn't fall asleep after lying their for 1 1/2 hours and so I let her up. So during the consultation she sits on my lap much of the time or brings her talking baby doll in to visit. Meanwhile the boys wrestle in the next room. Oh the joys of working out of your home! Thank-fully the Bride seemed to find it entertaining.

~ A tight hug around the neck and a spontaneous "I lub you" from Megan.

~ Mara offering to stay home from Hockey with Megan and I if I wanted her too. She didn't want me to be lonely.

~ The kids being excited about the simple pleasure of hot chocolate for lunch.

Being a mom isn't always easy but I am so incredibly thankful that God blessed me with this job!


All in a Day said...

Happy birthday today!!!

martha said...

Yup, being a mother is mostly wonderful. And happy birthday!

miranda said...

Happy Birthday cousin :)

Erica said...

Praise God!

As a young married woman it is so encouraging to see women who love being Mothers!

I don't have any children yet, but Lord willing hope to.

So often I hear Mums complaining and describing all of the difficult things (which I don't discount by any measure!), but rarely do I hear of the blessings involved in parenting.

Thank you for this post, it really encouraged my heart :)

Oh & Happy Birthday!!!

May God Bless,

Jennifer said...

very sweet post. Good reminders :)

Angie said...

U have helped me today to look at my blessings rather then my WHINNEY lil monkey! Which has been more often then not lately! Trying to train that out of her! Anyway... Thank you soooo much!! She can be such a blessing to my life! As can all the others. Ethan has been quite a joy lately! He "argues" about the sky color or the fact that we are in the car or whatever and it is rather adorable! and when he says "no" it's like "nooooooow" so adorable! I love that he and Hannah and Lex are full of hugs for me. And that I still get them from my "too big for hug" 8 yo boy! Alexis has been quite complimentary lately too! She will tell me "thanks for all you have done for us today mommy!" Just so nice to be recognized every now and then! Just thought I would share a few of my blessings too! O and BTW,,, Happy Birthday!


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