Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello Again! ~ bits and pieces of our life

This past week (plus some days) has been pretty busy! I didn't really intend to take a blogging break but it ended up being pretty necessary. :-) I thought, for those who enjoy knowing what is going on in our lives, that I would share some of the goings on.

Last Thursday was our Anniversary. On Tuesday we had gotten home late from the Dells, On Wednesday we were quite exhausted and didn't do much. On Thursday I thought we would get busy and get things done. We got a start at that and then Mom called and said they were working on the new church building and would we like to help? So we thought that would be good and went over helped as we could and then had fun picnicking with them.

Then we came home and had short naps. Later while I was on the phone with my MIL I decided I would wrap my anniversary present for Ken. The problem was, I couldn't find it anywhere! I had bought it a few weeks in advance (for a great deal!) and then I had it in my office for a while and then I thought I had moved it to the Laundry room where we have the wrapping stuff. I tore both rooms apart looking for it and I could not find it anywhere! (But I left the rooms in shambles!) That evening I gave Ken a card and some candy but had to tell him the other part of his present was missing. I felt quite disorganized. A couple of days later Ken found it, in the wrapping paper box!

Friday and Saturday were busy days as well, spending time with friends and family and trying to get a lot done.

On Sunday after church Mom and Dad had us over for lunch. My sister Anna and family had come up to visit and help on the church building so there was a houseful there. Above are some sweet girls: Meggie (isn't she fancy with her swimming goggles!?!), Auntie Keren and Bea.
I also got to deal with a van that didn't want to start and had to be jumped.

On Monday Tomisha and Pei Lin came over to help bake and such for Christmas. We also worked at making homemade noodles. Tomisha thought it was fun to add a new item to her list of things that she can make from scratch.

Pei Lin also cooked for us a very delicious Malaysian lunch. We all really enjoyed it. Delicious marinated chicken and sausage on rice... Oh yummy!

The week has been filled with various finishing of projects for Christmas including baking, sewing, writing, typing, drawing and more. I also have been working on stuff for a wedding that is tomorrow. On Wednesday we did more baking (so we could give some away), got packages put together for a family we know going through hard times and prepared to go deliver them and buy some needed spray paint for the wedding project, however the van decided not to start again...
On Christmas morning we actually rather slept in, I think I was the last one out of bed. I had been doing some needed spray painting (Ken had bought the spray paint for me) for the wedding the night before and I did it in poor ventilation and ended up with a head that hurt rather badly.
We ended up eating breakfast first and then opening presents. I have a few pictures of that time.

Megan thought her finger puppets were pretty fun.

Here is Mara wearing the hair ribbons that Jonathan and I got together for her.

Some of Aaron's creative gifts for Ken. :-) Little kids and homemade gifts can get pretty interesting!
New socks for Mara. And not just any old socks, toe socks! These bring back great memories of my friend George (Stacy) and the toe socks she used to love to wear. Mara looked quite striking wearing these with her plaid jumper!
Oh and one of me. This new shirt set was one Ken gave me for our anniversary.

For Christmas Dinner (held fairly early because my Dad had a service to hold at the jail) we decided to have Pasta this year. We made homemade noodles for Chicken Alfredo. We also made little bow tie pasta for Pasta Primevara with Ham, and we made Ravioli and homemade tomato sauce. We also made Parmesan garlic bread sticks. We had 23 people over for Supper and I put nearly all of them to work to either help make it or clean up. We had a fun time.

Little David and Keren.
Today was moving day for us to go from one church building to the other! A bunch of us worked and it went pretty fast! It is very exciting for us all to see this project close to completion. The old church building has a closing date for early next week and so we are meeting in the new one on Sunday. The new one isn't completed yet (no cabinets in the kitchen yet and more) but there is plumbing and carpet and it will work.
Mom, Anna and helpers prepared a lunch for all of the workers today. Above are Anna, Mom and Ed.

This afternoon I delivered the result of all my spray painting. The couple that is getting married tomorrow wanted white branch bundles for the end of the pews. The above picture doesn't show how it looks that well. I thought it looked pretty neat when it was finished.
It is a very wintry, Christmasy wedding. Above is a sample of the flowers. The couple has been one of my favorite ones to work with, They and their family have been very sweet.
This week Ken taught the kids how to play risk. They think it is quite fun. I have never played it (I'm really not into war games) but I think it could be a great way for them to learn their continents really well. Another reason I don't play is that is takes to long. Case in point, they just finished the game a short while ago (around 11pm)! My attention span might not last that long.
Well I was waiting up for them so I could tuck some kids in, that is done so I believe I will head to bed as well. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

You have been busy, but it sounds like you have had a great Christmas season. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year. I have enjoyed following your blog!

martha said...

Wow, lots has happened. I was wondering how everyone was doing. I thought about calling but it seems that everyone is to busy even for that. I will call to chat later after things calm down for all of you! Love you all!
I like Aaron's gift for Ken, looks very useful!

Anonymous said...

Rings are the gift for Daddy's this year, I guess. Beatrice made Travis a bead ring for his thumb. I really like that church building and the pew decorations. Is it the building that costs $1500 to rent? Love, Anna


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