Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WFMW ~ Cheap pictures to send out.

It is that time of year again when we start getting a lot of "real "mail in our mailbox. You know the ones that are actually addressed by hand and come from somebody you know. Though I enjoy getting all of them (it is nice to know that everybody is still alive and thinking of us) but what I like best is the letters and pictures. I love hearing what happened in their family all year and see what everybody looks like now. And then I carefully put all the pictures in albums when the season is over.

Anyway since I like letters and pictures that is what we like to send as well. We just got a picture taken that I decided we could use and I was needing to get a bunch of copies made but I wanted to find a good deal. Last night I was on Money Saving Mom and she had a link to Money Saving Methods where she outlines how to get a really good deal on pictures (and picture cards) from Kodak. I did the deal very quickly last night (It was really time to go to bed!) and I messed up somewhere so I did have to pay $6.33 for 30 cards, 31 photos (That price included the service charge to ship it to a local store) when others were getting it for under $1 but that price is still quite good and I am not unhappy about it. Also I still have credit to get 44 more 4 x 6 pictures free. Good deals on photos works for me!!

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