Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things about me

This "note" has been going around facebook (which I have an account in basically to see pictures from friends and family that don't blog, or don't blog very much. I personally like blogging much better. ) and after it had been sent to me a bunch of times I thought I had better join in. It was rather fun to come up with a bunch of random things about me (You might notice I like to talk!) and it has been fun to read everybody elses and so I thought I would share it here too.

1. When I was little I wanted 24 children, Then I wanted 12 (Cheaper by the dozen you know! I loved that book.) But my Ken talked me into just 4. I am okay with that and love them dearly!

2.I am very ticklish. (Ask Ken, he recalls getting punched early on in our marriage when he tickled me too much.)

3. I have a tendency to be cold a lot. At least according to Ken who is hot most of the time.Ken finds my teeth chattering to be quite humorous.

4. I really enjoy canoeing and as a teen, shooting rapids. I want to go again but am afraid I might be more of a chicken now that I am a mom.

5. I love music, especially good close harmony! I am so looking forward to a lot of good harmony singing in heaven.

6. I think I have the best job in the world! Being a wife to my fun and loving man, getting to raise and homeschool 4 bright and beautiful children and also have the job of managing our home along with teaching music lessons to some fun students and helping make weddings beautiful with flowers. Life is so much fun!!

7.I like to eat peanut butter by the spoonful and I have taught my kids to love it too.

8. I have a tendency to go crazy when I am asleep and the phone rings or an alarm clock buzzer sounds. Ken thinks I have the world record for jumping up to answer the phone. As far as the alarm clock goes I have had the opportunity to share a room with two people (Ken and his cousin Christy- my roommate in college) that don't seem to hear a buzzer. Therefore I have had to climb over them (in Ken's case) or turn the alarm off and manually shake the person awake (in Christy's case) so I didn't go crazy.

9. I have been known to walk and talk in my sleep. Ken finds it quite hilarious and likes to try to ask me questions which usually wakes my up and leaves me feeling confused and irritated.

10. I love to try new things whether it be a food, driving down a new road (I love trying different routes), playing a new instrument, you name it.

11. I am rather addicted to blogging.

12. I love being part of the Body of Christ! It is so much fun and there is no greater body to be a part of.

13. When I was in college, one evening a bunch of us were at a park and it started raining and there was this beautiful muddy slope. My future B.I.L. (Derek) and I thought it would be great fun to slide down. All the other guys joined us but the other girls stood at the top and watched. We had a blast but I found out later that Ken (who wasn't there but who secretly liked me at the time) was quite disappointed that I would be so unladylike. He still doesn't care to hear this story. I think I must have an inner liking for mud however as I have some great memories of playing in the mud as a child with my older siblings.

14. I have the horrible habit of procrastinating. I am trying to stop doing it so much but it is hard.

15. I tend to be a little bossy!

16. I really dislike trying to follow anybody in the cities when I don't know where I am going. That is one of the easiest ways to drive me to tears. If I do have to follow anybody, please let it be my dad!

17. When I was 16 I broke my nose (in trying to show off to my younger siblings). I totally enjoyed the whole process of being prepped for surgery, being put out, etc. I thought it was pretty fun to experience it all.

18. The worst pain I have experienced is having shots in my mouth to prepare for teeth pullings. They say they numb the area with rub on stuff but I don't think so!! I think that pain is way worse than natural childbirth. For bad long lasting pain I found Kidney stones fill the bill.

19. I dream of being a beekeeper some day.

20. I really enjoy Artsy/crafty things. The list of my "hobbies" is about as long as my arm. :-)

21. I enjoy multitasking and figuring out the most efficient ways of doing things.

22. I do not like being in the hospital! With my first 3 kids I pushed to get out of there as fast as possible. (I was roaming the hallways looking for the right person to sign the papers and with Jonathan I had to sign a form that said I was leaving against Dr's. recommendations.) I was so happy to be able to stay home to have Megan!! I felt so much more comfortable.

23. I pretty much never follow a recipe as written. I find cooking and baking more exciting when I can change things. Also I like to make things healthier so I do a lot of substituting in that way.

24. When I was little I had Alopecia Areata. Thankfully I grew out of it.

25. I love finding new friends. :-)


martha said...

Why must you make an excuse for having a facebook account?

Abbi said...

Sorry Martha. I think it is because blogging is my "first love" as far as social internet use and so many things about Facebook irritate me. To me it feels shallow most of the time and every time I go to confirm a friend I have oodles of silly game things to press ignore on. I will admit I think the 25 random things have been fun to read, I have had a few good chats with friends I have not kept in good contact with otherwise and it was useful in sending out an invitation for the Winter Retreat.


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