Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WFMW ~ Searching a blog

I was quite excited to discover something this past week. It is something probably most of you have been using for months (years?) but I guess I am just a little slow on the uptake.
I had been wanting to have a way to search my blog for topics that I had written on in the past so that I could link to them in new posts and I had even tried putting a search thing in my side column (but I couldn't get it to fit with my 3 columns).
BUT I finally noticed that I have had a search place the whole time. Up in the upper left hand corner of a blogger blog is a white space and then a button that says search blog. Just put in whatever you are looking for and it works just like google. It is so nice!! And it really works for me. To bad I hadn't started being a little more observant months ago, It could have saved me a lot of time!
Starting this week Works for Me Wednesday is hosted by "We are that Family".


~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey thanks for the great tip! I've been wanting to add tags and a search bar for myself.....but got overwhelmed thinking about figuring it out.


Sarah said...

It's like the tabs at the end of cling wrap box...who knew?? :)


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