Friday, February 27, 2009

A rocking chair for the church nursery

This winter a big part of our lives has been working on our new church building. After years of prayer and planning we were able to build a new place and though we hired contractors for the big stuff all of us from church have been pitching in on much of the detail work. It not only has saved us money but has also been a wonderful time of fellowship to spend time working together on various projects.

The project I thought I would tell you about today isn't actually part of the church building and I didn't work on it there but it is for the church building. We were wanting to furnish our new nursery without spending a lot of money and Mom mentioned that she had this glider rocker that they didn't need anymore but the cushions were worn out and it needed recovering, "Would I want to tackle it?" You know me, I enjoy projects that involve sewing and craftiness and so I said "Sure."

So the chair came over to me house and then it sat. First for a while in my office but then I needed more space and it went to spend some time in the laundry room. It was in the way there as well and I thought, "I really need to get this done!" But I just hadn't figured out exactly how I would do it and didn't feel quite ready to jump into it. Do you ever do that? Plan a project but then put it off because you don't feel quite sure about it? I have problems with doing that regularly!
Well finally I decided I had better just jump right in and get going. I decided to use red as the nursery has a pretty blue carpet and another couple from church had bought really cute toy bins in red, blue and green. We decided it would be fun to use bright colors throughout the room. (Also I had the red fabric on hand so that helped in the decision.) I replaced the original seat cushion with a new piece of thick foam which makes it much more comfortable. I made my own piping (My sister Keren actually cut the fabric strips for me) out of old blue jeans to go around all the edges. Once I got going on the project it really wasn't that hard I just needed to get motivated.
I also found this pillow front in a box of things that I had worked on as a teen. Keren and I finished making it into a pillow cover and decided to add that to the chair. It was fun to get a very old project finally finished!
I love projects like this in my quest to live frugally. I was able to make an old chair look fresh again using things that I already had on hand. Slipcovers are a great way to freshen things up!
For more frugal tips visit Biblical Womanhood.


Ang said...

Very neat!! Looks great and you and Keren were able to do it together so that makes it extra special.

martha said...

I like the little girl sitting on it especially!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

How kind of both your mom and you! It's great to find ways to help others.

Stopped by to say hi and thanks for the nice comment on my guest post over at Homemaker Barbi. It's fun to find a kindred spirit! ;-) Amy

RefreshMom said...

That's adorable! And having spent a couple years' worth of time sitting in the cry room/nursery at church, I can say I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The Chair and the girl look great! Anna

Condo Blues said...

I love projects like yours that look great for little to no money! And just think maybe someday your children may rock their kids in that chair some Sunday in the (far) future!

May I be in Gods kingdom said...

I think it is really cool and I think Megan enjoys it to.:) I love the pillow it goes with the church.


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