Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super Saving Saturday

This was my very fun grocery trip to one of our local stores this week.
They had a deal going were if you would buy 10 various (out of a list) General Mills items then you could get 4 dollars off (with a store coupon). I figured there must be some way to get a good deal with using the store and manufactures coupons so I set to work to find out.

I was able to find $.60 off coupons for Chex Mix which were on sale for .99. (I had one coupon already and then had access to 2 computers so I could print 4 more.)

*There are also $1 coupons available (check on Money Saving Mom) , but I couldn't get them to print. Emily did and was able to get a really great deal.*

Another of the items listed on the $4 coupon were Progresso soup which was on sale 2/$3. I was able to print out 4 coupons for $1.10 each.

I ended up buying 6 Chex Mix and 4 soups and payed .54 cents for those items.

I did also buy a 12 double roll pack of toilet paper which was on sale for $5.49 and I had a $1 off coupon for. And I bought oranges which were .58 cents a pound.

My total was $7.21.

As far as my goal of spending only $150 this month this is my new total:

Spent first week in February: $74.58
Shopping trip above: $7.21
Milk from Dairy: $15.00
TOTAL: $96.79

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David said...

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