Thursday, February 5, 2009

Revisiting my goals for 2009

  1. Organize my office in January (perhaps going into February) and keep it that way throughout the year. Okay so I am definitely going into February but I did make progress. At the first of the year I had fun making 100 plus cards all using various paper scraps that I had saved. I also made a big silk floral arrangement for church which used up a bunch of odds and ends that I had (I also bought stuff for it.) and I got a bunch of mending done and went through and got rid of some magazines and papers.
  2. Live in the moment. This actually went pretty well for a lot of the month. We were able to stay at home a lot (slowing down and living a less stressful life) and I had a ton of fun just living with my family!! I also did a better job of really listening to my kids, though that area still needs some work! We also enjoyed having a fair amount of company and getting to really spend time with friends.

  3. Have a Joyful year! We have had a pretty joyful year so far but that is something I still want to do a lot of work on. I want to do more singing through-out the day. Something I have really enjoyed this month is listening to Aaron whistle. He is constantly amazing me with the tunes he will whistle. Mostly he whistles hymns and some that I will hear I am amazed that he even knows as we have hardly ever sang them at church. I think whistling is pretty joyful. :-)
  4. Stop raising my voice or speaking in a cutting manner with my children. This goal has gone pretty well. I have been praying about and also slowing down has helped a lot. My study of Ephesians 4:25-32 was also helpful. I still have a lot of work before I am perfect in this area. The last couple of weeks have gotten busier again with the watching of baby boy (in place of my sister who is out of town) and I have struggled again in this area. So I need to really work on speaking gently even when I feel under pressure or don't feel good.
  5. Really having fun with my husband. We have had a fun month. There has been lots of laughter in our relationship. I still haven't sat down and watched a football game with him however. We had company over for the Superbowl but I spent my time chatting with other ladies. I have watched a bit of "who wants to be a millionaire" with him though and we have decided we are ready to go on that show. :-) We even have figured out who we would want for our "call a friend" lifeline.
  6. Get all my photos organized. Not a lot of progress here, but a little. I went though all my pictures on the computer and ordered (with the last good deal from Walgreens) all the pictures that I wanted printed out. I did also work on our wedding scrapbook and made a whole scrapbook of floral pictures for my business.
  7. Spending an average of $250 or less each month on our groceries. Okay, I didn't do well on this goal this month. I wasn't keeping track very well and spent quite a bit more. This month I have a goal to spend a lot less and so hopefully we can get to the average of $250.

  8. Doing the flowers for twice as many weddings as I did in 2008. This is looking promising. I already have several booked, several more are in the works and I have another bridal show next month and all the names of brides from the last one to contact.

  9. Be more consistent in child training but also be patient, loving and kind. This is going fairly well but I need to actually think about this and concentrate on it more.

  10. Being even more concentrated on the ministry that God has given to me of reconciliation. January was an exciting month in this area. I was blessed to be able to study with a friend that has been coming to church and has been talking a lot with others as well. She decided to totally turn her life over to God and was baptized into Christ 2 Sundays ago. It is always thrilling to see anyone turn their life over to God and when you have had a chance to share with them some before hand it is even more so. I am looking forward to letting God use me in whatever ways He wants to do His will.

How are your goals for the year going? I hope you are also encouraged and inspired to keep working away and striving to be more what God wants you to be.

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