Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun Free Activities

Amy, at the Motherload, who was the one who started the no spend challenge for February asked us to share what we are doing while not spending money. February has actually been a pretty busy month for us so far and basically everything has been free. Here are some of the fun activities we have enjoyed:

  • We invited over a bunch of people for snacks and Superbowl watching (or visiting as was my case!) after church on the first. We had a good time of fellowship.

  • On Monday evening we were invited over. along with many others, to a church family's house for supper and a game of Broomball. It was below zero that evening (if I remember right) and when I first went out to play I thought my lungs were going to freeze but after a lot of active play I was quite warmed up and even felt quite hot. It was a lot of fun and great exercise! The picture below shows some of us that played (those who were still outside at the end of the game). You might notice Ken's (top right) and Matt's (top left) beards, they were looking quite old from all the frost that had gathered.

  • Going to church. We go on Sundays (am and pm) and Wednesdays. It is always a great time of learning and fellowship. Many of our closest friends are at church so it is a fun time for socializing. The kids also have special classes that are very fun for them. Church of course is "free" and it is a great way for us to spend our time.

  • Saturday morning we went to a ladies tea at the church building. Each of us brought some food so that there wasn't a great expense for anybody. We had a good time visiting and also Mary prepared some thoughts on hospitality and prayer. We looked up some verses too and also had a Bible trivia game. A fun time was had by all. Below are Tomisha and I and our "babies".

  • On Saturday as well, Ken and the older kids enjoyed a free activity at Home Depot. Every first Saturday of the month from 10-1, Home Depot offers a project time for kids. They have kits that they give them, provide tools and are there to give advice if needed while the parents help the kids make things. We hadn't gone for a couple of years but Mara had remembered it when we shopped there last and so she put it on the Calendar. They all (Ken too) had quite a fun time working at Home Depot. Mara made a cute little box and the boys made book ends with football helmets on them. We are hoping to make it a monthly activity. They sent pictures of the upcoming projects and some of them look pretty neat. We don't really need 3 of each but I think they might work well to use as presents.

  • On Saturday afternoon we went to a Birthday party for a 95 year old friend of ours. Ula has been such an inspiration to us and it was fun to see her celebrate her 95th. She is still doing well and I would guess in 5 years we will be celebrating her 100th.

  • Sunday noon after church we enjoyed a fellowship dinner at the church building. We have fellowship dinners on the 2nd Sunday of every month. I think they are always fun. We each bring food to share and then enjoy having a large selection of food to choose from AND enjoy visiting with others in the Body of Christ while we eat. The church here has some pretty good cooks so the food is pretty yummy.

  • Last night we enjoyed another free activity and that was going to a Symphony Orchestra concert. Our new international friend, Su Hyun from South Korea was playing in it. It was a special Valentines day concert (one of the special free ones each year, most concerts cost) and so Ken and I went while the kids went to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma. We also ended up meeting up with Mathew and Emily there which was fun. Above is a picture of Emily and I with Su Hyun after the concert.
  • We have also enjoyed playing games together as a family several times, and sometimes just Ken and the boys. We have a well stocked game cupboard and we truly put them to use.
  • Another fun thing we do (which is normal for us) is simply eat our meals as a family. We eat every meal together (though Ken is not with us for lunch on Weekdays) and it is such a nice time to connect with each other and share ideas, learn from each other and share funny stories. We love getting to enjoy great conversations discussing things like how to make a pedal powered airplane (Jonathan's idea which we got all figured out over supper) and stuff like that.

This has been a fun and busy month and all without spending money on the activities. That truly works for me!


The Happy Housewife said...

Sounds like you are having a great month not spending money. I love doing things at church, it is always fun and free!

Abbi said...

Yes, I think church is wonderful! We had another great evening tonight with our normal singing and classes and then we also had snacks afterwards to celebrate a birthday.


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