Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frugal Valentine Ideas

We are getting excited about Valentine's Day around here. The kids are thinking about cards and notes and the sweets that usually come with the day. I have been dreaming about how I can make the day extra special to show my husband how much I love him and also share some love with the kids.

Our Valentines days are generally pretty frugal but that doesn't make them any less fun. I thought I would share some things we have done to make it special and also some links that I have come across with fun ideas or pictures.

  • Have fun decorating! I enjoy bringing out anything with a heart shape, stuff in red, candles and then cut out paper hearts to add about the room.
  • Make heart shaped pancakes for Breakfast and top with red berries or syrup. My kids love shaped pancakes and they really aren't that hard to make if you aren't looking for perfection. Ken and I enjoy pancakes too.
  • Have fun dressing up for the day. We enjoy doing stuff like wearing red and pink and so forth. It makes the day seem more special.

  • Leave notes! My family really enjoys this. One year at Valentines Day I put notes all over the house labeled with the recipients name. Everybody thought it was a lot of fun. Little notes actually have a long history in Ken and my relationship. When we were engaged he had asked me to mend his Bible case and I sent it back with notes in all the different pockets. He really enjoyed that and then later in our marriage when I had to be out of town I came home to notes all over the house. Notes are a great time to share things you love about your spouse (or your child), things you might not say otherwise.
  • Homemade cards are always frugal and can be extra special if you put some thought and time into them.
  • As part (or all) of the gifts we give we often give candy. Now that I have learned how to coupon shop I can stock up on candy and other fun treats much more cheaply. Last year I saved a heart shape candy box (a Reese's one) that Ken gave to me and I plan on redoing it to put some candy that he like in.

  • One of Ken's favorite desserts is Cheese Cake so that is often part of our Valentine's day as I will make a heart shaped cheese cake.

There are so many simple but fun ways to make the day special. Here are some links to other fun ideas:

For more frugal tips (I noticed that Crystal wrote about Valentines day as well) visit Biblical Womanhood.

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