Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alphabet Bingo

My sister Martha made this alphabet game and sent it to my kids. We played it today and they thought it was lots of fun! For Aaron it was a major learning experience as we haven't worked on letters a whole lot yet. Sometimes he would know what letter the sound came from but often not. And he can't recognize all the letters yet but he was getting better as the game went on. It was also helpful for Jonathan as sometimes he struggles with what sound goes with what vowel.

Though this game would be pretty economical to make (Martha used cardstock in a variety of colors but you wouldn't have to be that fancy) and not all that hard it can provide many hours of good educational fun.

To make the game you have bingo cards with a grid drawn on them and the letters in each box. (the C and K share a box for the hard C sound.) One grid of letters is cut up to make letters to draw and then call. To win the player must get either 5 in a row or fill each corner and the middle.

Thanks Aunt Martha for a fun new activity!! I thought this project fit nicely for "thrifty green Thursday" as it is thrifty and can also be very green when you use what you have to make a simple but fun game!
Have you made any homemade games (or had one given to you like us) ? I would love to hear your ideas.


Joy said...

What a great idea! I guess you could do it with shapes, numbers and colors as well. I love the fact that with a little creativity, we can keep our kids entertained on a budget! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us on this Thrifty Green Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I have played that game with Molly Ann. She does a great job on her sounds. mom

Rebecca said...

Great idea! My daughter really likes letters, and I'm sure she'd enjoy this game. (Although she's not that into following directions most of the time.) I have made a few homemade games. When I taught kids, I made versions of Pictionary and Taboo. (Is Taboo the one where you draw a card with a word on it, and you have to try to get your partner to say that word? That's the game I made. You can get the kids to help make the cards with words on them.)


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