Monday, February 23, 2009

Skiing with my sweetheart

On Sunday afternoon Ken and I tried something new - Downhill skiing. Neither of us had ever been downhill skiing before (though I did grow up doing a fair amount of cross country skiing which made things much easier for me). Ken had seen a class offered through our Community Education so he signed us up.

We had an instructor for the first hour who showed us the basics and then we had time to do some skiing on our own. Ken has never cared much for other sports where you had to hook something on your feet (for instance ice skating and roller skating) and at first I was afraid skiing would have the same result but it didn't. After a little bit of rough start Ken really did quite well for never having been on skis before. We graduated from the bunny hill and had fun zigzagging down the next hill as well.

I know this probably sounds childish but I have always wanted to ride on a ski lift and that was probably the highlight of my day. I thought it was a lot of fun! I also really enjoyed learning how to do those tight zig-zags where you throw your hips and then send up a little spray of snow. I also loved just shooting down the hills with the wind whipping through my hair. My only concern was that there would be this big crowd of people at the bottom that I wouldn't have room to steer around (And coming to a quick stop is something I haven't figured out yet!) thankfully that never happened and there were no casualties.

Now I really like downhill skiing and am looking forward to going again. It is to bad it costs so much! After doing something like that I would like to say that I feel wonderful, not a bit of soreness anywhere. Unfortunately that isn't the truth, yesterday I was quite sore and tired. I must be getting old!

I had hoped to have more pictures but my batteries died and I had failed to take any extras along.


me said...

I love downhill skiing! Glad you got to try it!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so much fun. I have been trying Harrison's snowboard again the last few times we were out on the hill and thought how much fun it would be to go downhill skiing. Anna

martha said...

I have been down hill skiing only once but I remember it being really fun. I also wish it were not such a spendy thing to do because I would like to do it again.
I did crash into someone the time I went skiing but I think it was partly their fault.
ski lifts are cool too. we got to go up a mountain in a gondolier type lift while we were in VT. That was really fun too.

martha said...

I just read your life list.
You have never been ice fishing?!?! Really you need to go do this. Derek rented a ice fishing house for one day on wolf lake for a not too big of price. Then our whole family went out there for the day and had a really good time. I cooked lunch on the little stove and we took coloring books or something like that for the girls to do part of the time. You could also take ice skates for kids to play on the ice.


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