Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Experimenting with painting!

Last week I had fun working in the Boy's room. They have had just plain cream walls and we had some Noah's Ark stuff up in there. Well the cream walls were having some issues (like not being able to get all of Megan's former drawings off them!), one wall being especially bad and also the boys were wanting something different and more exciting and we were ready for something besides "Noah's Ark".
This is the wall that was. (I had already taken the Noah's Ark quilt down though.)
And this is a portion of the wall afterwards. I decided I just wanted to do one accent wall for now (I am thinking about doing one more though). We have also decided to decorate with maps and such. (I am looking for good ideas if you have any.)
The wall was quite fun to do. To prepare I watched this short video clip. Then as usual I didn't really follow instructions but used what I had on hand and made it adapt. We had light blue and dark blue paint sitting around so I used them on top of the cream wall. Then I used cut up old t-shirts to do the marbleizing as shown on the video. I skipped the glaze that she recommended because I didn't have it. I don't think it looks as professional as hers but we are all quite happy with it (even Ken, I wasn't sure if it would be his style). While I was doing it Megan kept coming in and saying "Nice, mommy!".
So do you have any ideas for decorating? So far we have some big maps hung up. I am also planning on adding framed photos from all over the world. We think we need to have a globe in there too. Our color scheme is blue, red, green, brown and tan. I am trying to think of a fun idea for a valance. Once we get it done I will be sure to post about it.

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martha said...

I love how impressed our kids are by the things we do. ;) ("Nice, mommy.") A world theme sounds fun. I think mom has a pretty large collection of old national geographic maps that she might let you use.
Decorating is fun when you have an idea already. sometimes I get a little stressed about it when I don't have an idea already in place.


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