Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home again, Home again... and how sweet it is!

Sunday night Ken and I got back from our trip to Washington DC and areas around there. We had a wonderful time (and I have lots of pictures but currently they are on the laptop and I don't know how to move them) and saw so much but I am really glad to be home, all together again as a family and have a normal routine.

Yesterday we didn't get much done, a little laundry, a little cleaning and a lot of enjoying being with my kids again.

8 days apart is the longest I have ever done before (and I don't care to do that long again for a long time!). It was fun to get to call them every day and hear there cheerful chatter. I was having some difficulty telling who was who on the phone and I realized I had never talked on the phone with them before. Megan was probably the most humorous to talk too. She would chatter on and on and never wanted to let somebody else have a turn.

Yesterday we had fun reading together, looking over the pictures of where Daddy and I had gone, doing some errands, playing alphabet bingo, playing baseball with the boys (and impressing them, which was lots of fun as I am really not very good but they thought I was), playing "I spy" on the computer with Mara and in general getting lots of sweet hugs.

It is fun to "See the World" but coming home again is always wonderful!


Emily said...

welcome back! looking forward to your stories...and I agree...it's nice to be home!

martha said...

When I was in isolation in March I called the kids every night and really enjoyed talking to them. it is so different than just being with them all day. I enjoyed the way Lars would tell his stories so much


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