Saturday, May 23, 2009

Federal Buildings in Washington DC

The Capitol Building from the doorway of the Supreme Court
While we were in Washington DC something that was really neat for us was seeing all those spots that we had heard about all our lives. Places that where things with a lot of impact on our country happen. It was neat for us to go in or just see places and realize that we were in the same place where our leaders have been working for the last 200 plus years.
So here is another bunch of pictures!

Me on the Supreme Court Steps

The Courtroom

Ken and I on the plaza of the Supreme Court, in front of the Capitol

The Capitol Building
We were able to take a tour of the Capitol Building but were disappointed to find out that the tour did not include the Galleries so we were not able to see the House or Senate in action. Those passes have to be gotten from your Senator or Representative and we did not think to do that ahead of time.
The ceiling in the Rotunda.
There is so much pretty artwork above your heads in the capitol building. I was constantly looking up. (It was a good thing I didn't trip and fall!)
President Ronald Regan was the only president that was sworn into office in this room. (I believe for his second term.) On that day the weather was extremely cold with windchill of something like -20 degrees.
The sides of the dome has paintings all around that are like a timeline of history.

Another Ceiling
In Statuary Hall

I stood where John Quincy Adams once sat. Statuary hall used to be where they House met.
I believe J.Q. Adams was the only President to afterwards become a US Representative.
The Crypt
The intention had been to busy George Washington in the floor here. However the family decided that wouldn't be fitting.
In the Library of Congress.
This was an extremely beautiful building!
On Capitol hill are the office buildings for all of the Representatives and Senators. We went in two of the Representative buildings to lobby for the Big "I". (Independent Insurance Agents organization.)

At the convention there were Insurance Agents (around 1500) from all over the country but they divided us up in groups according to where we were from. We were with some of the other Minnesotans and we visited Representatives from here.
Ken next to Colin Peterson's door.
We actually didn't see the Representatives themselves but rather their staff. But we were briefed to not feel upset about that but go ahead and speak to them as if we were speaking to the representative themselves. Most of the Staff members are young (early 20's) but they do a lot of advising to the Reps as there is no way that the Representatives can keep up to date on every issue.

The IRS building

The White House
Seeing that was pretty neat. I wished I would have worked harder to try to arrange a tour though. Someday I would really like to see inside.

Me on the other side.

The Department of Treasury
(it is next to the White House)

The Ronald Regan Building.
This is a huge complex with all sorts of Federal organizations in it.

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