Thursday, May 28, 2009

A "REAL" (reel) mower for us!

As a teen I enjoyed using a reel mower sometimes to mow the yard. I really enjoyed that and have wanted one. Well when I happen to mention that desire when my Dad was around the other day his response was "We have one you can use". They brought it over this week and produced quite a bit of excitement in this household.
The kids are excited as they can use it. (Though we talked a lot about safety with the blades! And actually only the older two can manage mowing with it.)
I am excited because it is fun to use, I don't have to spend a half hour working to get it started and it doesn't take any smelly gasoline! Yea! My only concern is that it seems to cut the grass very, very short. We have yet to see if we really have the energy to do our whole yard that way but I really think it will be a great exercise program. :-)
Having no gasoline is also better for the environment and for our pocket book. I think that works for Thrifty Green Thursday!


martha said...

when we buy a house I want to get that type of mower too. They're better for the yard than the gas ones too.

me said...

Winn used to have one of those in college--it was neat.

Unfortunately, our yard is WAY too large to use one of those now. :)


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