Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happenings around here.

We had a full week. We were working at getting the garden in, working around the house and all the many things that come with Spring. A lot of progress also was made at the church building. The outside of the church building was still pretty unfinished but this weekend my brother-in-law, Travis, His Dad (David) and his Brother-in-law (Joel) all came up north and put on the block which goes 1/2 the way up the building. David also brought limestone up from Indiana to lay across the top. (Above all of that will be siding.) They are all brick masons (though Travis currently drives a train) and they did a very fast and good job. They got it all done and were here less then 24 hours. Those of us from church helped as much as possible with setting blocks out where they needed to be, carrying hod and so forth. Some of us also worked at clearing out brush and dead trees and cleaning up the property.

Here is my sweet nephew Gregory. He and his brother Harrison and cousin Jeffrey got to come up with the men as well.
I wasn't able to help as much as I would have liked to because I also had wedding flowers to do this weekend. Here is the Bride's bouquet. This is the third wedding in a row that they have had red roses and white flowers. They are very pretty put I am looking forward to next weekend's purple and white wedding (where I get to work with Irises!) and then the following weekend there will be orange flowers for the wedding.
One of the bridesmaid's bouquets.
I spent all of this morning decorating at the church building. It was rather fun and turned out pretty (I though). This is one of the Candelabras. After I got home and had a quick lunch we went over to work at the church building some more.

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Ang said...

VERY Pretty!!! That is nice of them to use their talent that way. Gregory is too cute. that picture makes you smile. I love pics like that were the emotion seems to come to life.


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