Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun with organizing

We have a cupboard in our house (the only one in the dining area) that we have devoted primarily to kid's stuff. Things like coloring books, crayons, scrap paper, watercolors and playdough (and all the cookie cutters and stuff to go with that) live there. It is also one of the messiest places in our house usually.
The box we had to keep scrap paper in kept falling over and spilling out, coloring books were scattered everything. I decided to try to solve those two specific problems.

I took two empty dry milk boxes and strip the paper off of them and cut the tops off at a slant.

Then we painted them. Mara did the green one with a scene on one side and I did the pink one, decorated with flowers.

I also used my glue gun to attach some ribbon around the top for both durability and strength. Then I made up little labels for the front which said "Scrap paper" and "Coloring books". I glued them on and put rick rack around the edges.
Our cupboard looks ever so much better now! It was fun to be able to improve it by repurposing things and using what we had on hand. Projects that are both free and recycle something are some of my favorites.
What are your favorite ways to organize this sort of stuff?
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Cathy said...

awesome idea!

Greenbaby said...

What a clever way to recycle and avoid a purchase! It's so nice also that you involved your children in the solution since they'll now be much more likely to participate in keeping it organized. Thanks for joining us for Thrifty Green Thursday!


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