Thursday, May 28, 2009

A picnic packed by Aaron ~ Truly a finer thing

We had a simply beautiful day! The weather was warm and deliciously comfortable. We had fun working in the garden this morning (and I am almost done putting it in!) and then the kids thought that a picnic in the yard would be fun.
When I decided that it would be okay to do that only Aaron and Megan were around and I suggested that Aaron go ask the older two to get some popcorn popped and then I would come in to get everything else together. Aaron (my sweet 5 year old) pleaded, "can't I do it Mom? I can get the picnic ready all by myself." Knowing that he did know how to run the air popper, I gave him the go ahead and busily got back to work on the garden.
After a little while out came Aaron (the older two had joined him at this point and were helping him carry things) and he loaded the wagon with the lunch and headed down by the garden to have our picnic. Above is the lunch in the wagon.
He had made peanut butter and jam sandwiches and packed them individually in sandwich bags (that is something we pretty much never do, so it was special). They were simply oozing with jam! The older two had talked him into letting them make their own sandwiches but he made his, mine and Megans. He made a 1/2 a sandwich each for Megan and I (I think he was putting me on a diet! ) and a small one for him as well. He had the popcorn neatly in a bowl but no butter or salt were added. They did also bring a table cloth, paper towels, a pitcher of water and cups.
We had a lovely time eating our lunch but after a bit Jonathan decided he needed to make us some more sandwiches so he headed off to the house. Aaron at this point decided we really did need something on our popcorn so he headed off with that, later calling Mara to come and help.
Megan and I were left to our own devises so I decided some picture taking might be in order. Above is my sweet 3 year old.

And our house. You can't tell so well from here but the phlox is making beautiful pink pillows in the flower bed.
Spring days shared with my 4 lovely children and a picnic and some gardening thrown in, truly a finer thing!


martha said...

That is a very Fine picnic! what lovely times!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

What a fun day. Love it when kids get excited over their independence. ;-)


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