Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland

Back to telling about our trip out east.... On Sunday morning we drove down through New Jersey and found a Church of Christ (I had found the directions online) where we went for Sunday morning services. I really enjoy getting to meet Christians that I have never met before but knowing that we share the same desire to follow Jesus Christ to the best of our ability.

After church we drove over to Atlantic City so we could see the boardwalk and eat lunch. This boardwalk is something Atlantic City has been known for for a long time.
We also got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time!

We tried Cheese steak sandwiches for lunch and ate at a restaurant right on the boardwalk.

I was getting ready to use the my camera's timer to get a picture of the two of us together when a friendly guy from the next table offered to take our picture. We had people offer to do that several times which I thought was very nice.

Well on the boardwalk we "had" to buy some salt water taffy to bring home as when we had been studying about states we had found out that Atlantic City is the home of the first Salt Water taffy. It was made accidentally when a wave went over a taffy stand. We also bought some postcards, we had fun sending a bunch home to the kids (and other family members).

After lunch we had to hurry on down to the tip of New Jersey to catch the Ferry Boat that we had reserved space on. We were afraid we might not make it as we had gotten turned around when getting on the toll road and were heading the wrong direction and there was no place that they allowed you to turn around for 5 miles.

We rode on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and truly enjoyed it. We had ridden on Ferries before but this was the biggest one and it took us on the longest trip. We went 17 miles from New Jersey over to Lewes, Delaware. On one side of us was the Delaware Bay and the other side was the Atlantic Ocean. It was a big boat with a couple of decks, places to eat and a gift shop. Ken enjoyed using his binoculars to see what he could see. He was the first to find a couple of dolphins jumping in the water. We weren't sure they were dolphins at first as mostly we could only see a couple of black fins but later one of the crew members pointed out a group of about 8 of them, jumping away and we were able to see their whole body as they jumped. That was pretty excited to me to see dolphins in their natural habitat.

Sunday ended up being quite warm (high 80s) and so when we reached the Delaware side we went to the State Park and played in the ocean for a while. The water was still quite cold however! Near the parking lot I was surprised to discover quite a few cactus plants.
After the exercise in the water we were ready for supper and I figured this was the time we had better find a seafood restaurant. We found one in the cute little town of Lewes and I got a variety plate with Shrimp, Scallops, a Crab Bomb (basically like a crab cake) and I believe it was Pollock. It was my first time to try scallops and I am glad to say that I enjoyed them. Ken, not being much of a Seafood fan tried some sort of Chicken and Sausage dish which he also enjoyed.
After supper we started heading towards Washington DC. We went through a very rural and pretty area of Delaware. It got dark earlier than we hoped to we didn't get to really see Maryland very well but we got to go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which was fun.

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martha said...

WE went over the Chesapeake bay bridge last fall!! We started over it just as the sun was setting.
We have those cactus a lot around here. they have pretty yellow flowers in June.
Taking pictures of families and couples that touristing is fun. I did it a lot while we were being tourist last fall. It is also cool how a lot of people notice and offer to do it.
Cheese steak sandwiches are good. the best place to get them is Penn Station.


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