Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Denim Baskets {A tutorial}

 One of the denim projects that I have had fun with lately is making baskets. I get kind of excited about these because they are completely out of "trash" (if you don't count the hot glue) and I think they are rather cute. I also find baskets to be fairly useful so that is also a plus in my book.

 For these baskets I have used plastic strapping that comes around my flower boxes for the spokes of the basket. If you don't have this strapping stuff available I am sure you could find something else to work as a substitute OR you could ask around at various businesses (flower shops, lumber yards, anybody that gets boxes...). I made each basket a little differently but took pictures of each step on the smallest one so that is the one I will tell how to make. If you try this just have fun experimenting and make a basket in the way that you like!

 I used:
  • Plastic Strapping
  • Denim seams. This portion of the jeans I used to always throw away but not anymore!
  • Hot Glue
  • A milk carton as a form to work around. You could easily use something else or do it without a form which is what I did with the other two baskets.
  • Rubber bands
Step 1. I cut 14 strips the same length (long enough to go across the bottom and up the sides a little farther than I wanted the basket to be tall) out of the strapping and then laid 7 of them side by side across the bottom of the basket and up two sides. I rubber banded them in place.

 Step 2. I took the other 7 strips and wove them through the first strips across the bottom and then up the other two sides- tucking them in the rubber bands.
 Step 3. Start weaving in my denim strips (which were the seam edges). I wove one around and secured it where it met with some hot glue. Continue weaving in strips until it gets the height that you want it to be. Rotate the basket while weaving so that when you join the ends of the strip of the corner it isn't always on the same corner.
 Step 4. When you have woven as high as you want then take a denim strip and glue it to the outside (don't weave) of all the strapping spokes.
 Step 5. Pull it off of the milk carton. You may have to pry a little as I did if you were a little over eager with your glue. Cut of the strapping spokes that are sticking up.
 Step 6. I glued two seam strips together to make a handle. Then I glued the handle to the inside of the basket.
Step 7. Glue another denim strip around the inside edge of the basket rim.
 Step 8. I decided to finish it off by gluing another denim strip laying down as shown along the top edge of the basket.
Step 9. My final touch was to make a flower out of rolled up seams (gluing them together) and then glue it on the side.

 This was a fun and pretty quick project and I am sure I will be making more of these in the future.

What have you been making lately?

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Melissa said...

Very nice. I like the way it turned out.


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