Thursday, February 16, 2012

A denim vase

 Last Saturday I had a ton of fun just spending time in my office/craft room making things. I took pictures and figured I would share all sorts of projects this week. But life can get busier than we expect and that simply didn't happen but I had a moment tonight so I figured I would share at least one of the weird and fun projects that I did.

A denim covered vase.....

 We don't drink any alcohol (a personal choice from our understanding of the Bible and seeing the misery it brings to so many lives) but a couple of years ago our Republican group was cooking a big meal at our house and the chicken recipe used wine and so I decided to save the bottles as I had seen them used for crafts. Well they sat around for a long time and I figured I should finally make something with them. So I used one of them to make this vase.

 I simply took the denim seams which I had saved from the jeans that I have been cutting up and I hot glued them up and around the bottle.
 I overlapped a little bit as I went.
I made a little "flower" out of some of the seams and glued it in place.

It was a fast and fun project and I rather like it. It is different but sometimes (maybe a lot of times) I rather like different. Ken likes it too so that is nice!

 Have you been making anything lately? I love to hear what is going on at your places too!

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Melissa said...

It is always a triple when your husband likes it too!!

I think it is very sweet - one I might try sometime. :)

April said...

love this!

Billie said...

That is really cute!

Tracey said...

That is darling! I like how you took something you already had and created something new.

Have a great weekend!


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