Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My fellow Minnesotans.... {and those of you in Colorado and Missouri}

Our family with Congressman Chip Cravaak. We had fun visiting
 with him while waiting for Santorum to arrive.
 If you care about the direction our country is headed- I want to encourage you to attend your caucus today. This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. You can stay home and complain all you want but you won't make a difference unless you get involved.

  The caucus is the first step to getting involved. At the caucus you will have an opportunity to vote in a presidential straw poll. Though this vote is not binding it does allow the voice of the people to be heard and it serves to encourage or discourage the candidates. At the caucus you also get the opportunity to work at the first part of the process of refining the MN party platform. You can submit resolutions that either add to or take away from that. You also get to elect delegates (and you could be one!) that will go to county convention where they will elect delegates to go to district and state conventions where they will elect delegates to go to national convention where they get to actually vote for the Republican Nominee. It is a kind of complicated process but it is fun to be a part of it.

  Anyway... If you care about our country I really encourage you to get involved!

  Yesterday our somewhat small town was honored to have Senator Rick Santorum come to visit. It was a pretty big deal here and we had fun getting in on the action (Ken was asked to MC the event which was an honor).
Senator Rick Santorum


Melissa said...

I heard that Babe and the Blue Ox had been taken down - I guess I heard wrong!! :)

Fun to see you there.

Abbi said...

They had to repair Babe last year but they are a big part of our town- I don't think they will ever get rid of them.


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