Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Denim Days {Progress on a rug and using denim at the Bridal Show}

 I had hoped to share a finished rug with you today. That didn't happen as it is taking a little longer to make than I thought. I am having fun making it however other than having to change the many needles that I have broken. I think it is going to turn out cute however and am looking forward to getting it all done. Hopefully I will share instructions on how to make it soon. (Just know it might take more than an afternoon to do it.)
This weekend I had a booth at a bridal show and decided to pull my denim days along with me there. I had decided it would be fun to use bright colors and that kind of led to a outdoors/picnic theme and denim seemed to fit in just fine.

  Mom suggested that I use the denim vase that I had made which I thought might be fun but I also thought it might look better paired with a couple of other ones in varying sizes. So Saturday evening found me making two more denim vases.

 The denim vases made a very simple table centerpiece with just a bright flower or two in each of them.
Red Ranunculus in little vase

 Another denim touch was with this bouquet.  I used denim to wrap around the stems and then I also made little denim balls (see below) to stick in the bouquet.
I also used a denim accent on a matching boutonniere (which I didn't take a picture of) and then I also took along my two little denim baskets to hold things in. It was unique but I had fun using some of the things that I had been making lately.

I would love to hear any things that you have made out of denim. Would you ever be willing to use denim in your wedding?


Alison said...

I like the bouquet with the denim wrapped around the stems. It's an unexpected twist.

Anna said...

Denim in my wedding decor? Sure, I think it would look great in a lot of summer wedding themes. It would have been nice in mine.


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