Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy to make denim bunting for a fun decoration

 Since I decided to continue my Denim Days theme this month I figured I had better share something denim!

  I finally got around to turning a long held idea into reality when I made denim bunting from some old jeans. I really like patriotic decorations and I enjoyed making this fun using Red, White and Blue.

 To make this I used:
  • Denim Pieces that I had cut into a diamond shape. (Double the size of triangle that I wanted for my finished product.
  • Red Yarn (Ribbon would work great too)
  • Stars which I cut out of Red and White Felt.
  • Snaps and Buttons which I cut out of old jeans.
  • Hot Glue
  • Red Thread
Along the length of the yarn I folded the denim pieces over it and then zig zagged all around the triangle to look cute and keep it in place. I did that until I had used up all my denim pieces (I think I have 25 pieces in all but I am thinking about lengthening it).

Then using my hot glue gun I attached the stars and buttons on every third triangle in whatever way I liked. This was fast and fun. :-)
We decided to hang it up in the boys' room over top their window that doesn't have a curtain. The boys were pleased with the new decoration.

Another denim project that I am working on is another crocheted denim rug.


Tip Garden said...

This is soooo cute! I love it! Tucking this idea away ! I came over from Homestead Revival

Abbi said...



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