Friday, March 16, 2012

I don't buy..... Lip balm or Chapstick or Lotion

This item of not buying almost feels like a stretch as I have never spent that large of amounts of money or purchased these items that often. Also I just barely figured out the replacement for them but I am rather excited about them so I wanted to share right away!

First off- I have gradually but majorly been reducing my use of lotion for several years now. As I strive to use natural things on my body (as our pores nicely absorb whatever goes on us) and as I try to steer away from unnatural scents- lotions have had to go.
When I didn't use it often I realized I also didn't need it that often. My brother-in-law has had a theory that lotion just makes our hands dry out and after trying going without and my hands were better I did begin to wonder! Sometimes in the winter sometimes especially after washing dishes I would find my hands quite dry- then I would rub coconut oil on them and that worked quite well.

  Just lately I tried something new a fancier than just coconut oil and that is making lotion bars. I had seen the idea here and there and thought it would be fun to try using some of the beeswax from our hives. When I was figuring out a present for my sister's birthday recently I decided to make some to add to her gift.

   I also tried out making lip balm and that went quite well too and works really nicely. Both things were quick to make and I think make very nice little gifts.

 Here are the recipes:

Lip Balm
1 oz. beeswax
1 T. Honey
1/2 cup Coconut Oil
Peppermint oil extract to taste.

In small saucepan or double boiler melt wax (you may want to chop it up small to speed up the process). Add Honey and Oil and mix in well. Pour into tubes or containers and let harden.

Bee's Wax Lotion Bar
1 part beeswax (chopped up)
1 part cocoa butter
1 part coconut oil
Fragrance if desired

In small saucepan or double boiler melt the wax, cocoa butter and oil. Mix well. Add fragrance if desired. Pour into molds and let harden. After hardening pop out of molds and store in sealed container. To apply just rub on your hands.

 I used a tin can for my double boiler and I have an aversion to putting wax on my food dishes and then having to clean it off. Though I don't think these mixtures would be that bad for cleaning off.
 Heart shaped silicone ice cube trays are what I used for the lotion bars.
 I used any little container that I could find for the lip balm. I am going to have to have people start saving empty containers and keep my eye out for ones that would work well.
 Both products turned out very nice and I am so happy to have a couple more things that I can make instead of buy.

 I had everything on hand that we needed to make these so no money was spent but I not only had something for my sister's birthday but stuff for us and for future gifts. I have seen this sort of stuff for sale locally too and people seem rather eager to buy it so I think this could be a good money making opportunity if you cared to pursue it.

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Becky R said...

I also don't use lotion and if needed just use coconut oil. It works great on my skin.

I do still buy lip balm because I find the cocunut oil dries out my lips. I may try making yours.

FYI make sure the oils you use are for eating, not just for aromatherapy.

Thanks for the recipes.

Emma said...

I was wondering what you used for coloring in your lotion bars?

Robin said...

In the lip balm recipe, it says 1/2 coconut oil. I was wondering what the unit of measurement was. Thanks!

Abbi said...

The lotion bars are just their natural color. The molds that I used were pretty colorful however as my daughter Mara had used them previously to make heart shaped crayons. The color didn't go into the lotion bars which I was thankful for.

Thanks for noticing that I forgot to put in "cup". I fixed it now!

Abbi said...

Thanks much for the comment! If you do try the lip balm you might try using olive oil instead of coconut oil since you have had issues with coconut oil working for your lips. Good reminder on the oils!

Luckie said...

Great ideas! I haven't made my own lotion, but I do make my own facial toner (I make rose water and lavender water out of the organic flowers in my yard and mix half and half) and I make my own lip balm. I make it about the same as yours, but I use a bit of olive oil with the wax because I'm allergic to coconuts, and sometimes I put in some hibiscus (also from my yard) to tint it a pretty pink!

I've seen so many great uses for coconut oil in homemade products (everything from beauty bars to mayo) that I really wish I could use it!


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