Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's feeling a lot like Spring

 We are having some unseasonably warm weather lately (usually winter lasts at least until the date on the calendar and generally farther) and our bodies that are recovering from sickness are really enjoying the warm vitamin D laden sun and the fresh air.

 Yesterday the boys wanted to make a fire while meanwhile Mara was combing the woods looking for a tiny sapling that she could hopefully turn into a Bonsai (which she has been reading up on). I okayed a small fire and they did it with "Just one match!" I went out and sat around it with them, wrapped in a blanket as I was still struggling with fevers and chills.
 The discovered the we did still have some jumbo marshmallows on hand (3 to be exact) so they cut them all in half and we each got one half to roast. Oh the simple joys that can be had.
 The girls had fun with the marshmallows too!
 Today I think my fever might finally be gone (though the stuffy head is not) and I am exceedingly thankful! I was able to venture out to attend a Circus and Carnival held just behind our house but some very sweet children I know.
 Mara attended as well (and then joined in on the performing). You might notice she has extra gear on her teeth- those were added just this morning.
 A high stage was set up with Jonathan doing much of the duties as Ringmaster. From the curtain beneath him would pop out all variety of amazing things to look at. (Like jumping things, Kangaroos, and dancers.
 The Kangaroos (though one - the eldest- preferred to act like a tiger).
Aaron standing to compete in the rubber duckie throwing contest.

A good time was had by all.

I think our house will be a bit emptier again for a while. When fine weather comes the kids prefer to live outside.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are all feeling better and able to "put on" and enjoy a circus and the lovely weather! Mom

Melissa said...

This weather is both amazing and disturbing imo. It is nice to enjoy but I worry for our summer.

Ms. Becky said...

We're in PA and have been having amazing weather! It's been hard to get school done ... so we moved math outside and skipped a bunch of the rest!

Makes me get in the mood to get flowerbeds and gardening under way.


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