Saturday, March 31, 2012

The last hurrah for old jeans!

 I had mentioned at the beginning of this year that I planned on tackleing the repurposing of various items each month. I have many things on hand such as old jeans, wool clothes, toilet paper tubes and other various saved cardboard, scrap papers and more and I thought it would be fun to have a different them each month.

  I do still like the idea of focusing on one item for a while and I choose denim for January but I soon discoverd that January wasn't a long enough time to get all my denim items done- so it dragged on into February and even March. Though I still don't have all the projects done that I had thought of and though I still have some old jeans on hand I am ready to focus on something else for a while. So in April (which starts in less than two hours- do you have any pranks planned for the day? I don't but my mom warned me to be watchful as she over heard my sons talking) I plan on announcing a new theme!

  Meanwhile- one last denim project (for now!). The picture at the top is of a denim decorated container that I had fun making.The container originally held a hot chocolate mix that I had been given.  I made it a while back but hadn't managed to get it in here. I was inspired to make it after seeing pictures of Melissa's (who blogs at Those Northern Skies) decorated boxes and containers. Mine doesn't begin to compary with her artistic creations but I had fun making it and I do like it.

I think it would be fill with cookies or something like that and give to someone. I think decorating containers is rather fun now- I think I shall do it again!

Meanwhile I thought it would be fun to share some links to various ways that I have reused denim in the past. Here we go.....

~Patching jeans. This is the first thing I generally do, and then I reuse them again later.

~Pinwheel hotpads.

~Overall Apron.

~Re-made overalls.

~Jeans used for the top of a skirt.

~Crocheted denim rug.

~Denim tote bag and bookmark.

~A tote bag using denim.

~A denim skirt re-done.

~A simple quilt with denim.

~Bible case.

~Ruffled denim bag.

~Another simple quilt made with denim.

~Denim trimmed apron.

~Denim and flannel frayed edge quilt.

~Organizing boxes decorated with denim.

~Patriotic denim bunting.

~Use denim to make some "armor".

~A denim skirt.

~Denim baskets.

~A denim vase.

~A magnetic note holding pocket.

~Fluffy denim rag rug.

 Denim is certianly a versitile and fun material to work with. I love the way it looks as well. Do you like making things from denim? I would love to hear your ideas for re-using old jeans!


Clint Baker said...

So you can keep those favorite jeans around forever and ever, right?

Sherri said...

Awesome recycling projects!

Jackie said...

You have done so many cool projects with blue jeans. This is an awesome list of projects. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!


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