Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A well rounded education

One thing very fun about teaching your own children at home is getting to teach them far beyond what is normally taught it school (of course you can do this if your kids go away to school as well, you just don't have as much time). One thing that I have had lots of fun teaching is how to use what you have, not waste and recycle things ourselves. Sewing is a big part of that at our house.
I have enjoyed teaching Mara to sew but it hasn't stopped there, Jonathan and Aaron also think it is lots of fun, especially using the sewing machine. I suppose some might think sewing is girlish but I am glad to have my boys express interest as long as they are still manly. My older brother Peter is one of the manliest guys I know (I always thought he could do about anything!) and yet he enjoyed (I don't think he does it much now that he has his own family) knitting, crocheting and a little sewing. Sewing can be very useful even for boys.

This winter I happily taught Jonathan how to sew a button back on his shirt. (A talent that might prove very useful later in life!)
We also had fun working together to make a case for his new Bible. He chose an old pair of black jeans to make them out of and under my instruction did all the cutting out and then he also did a lot of the sewing. He was very happy to have it done and has enjoyed taking it to church.

Mending clothes and sewing new stuff from old clothes are wonderful ways to save money and to care for our environment. I am glad that I have the opportunity to teach my kids how to do that when they are young! Right now they get very excited about it and can learn quickly and easily.
Kids can get very passionate about things too. We do a lot of recycling around here but Mara is especially passionate about it. A few weeks ago I replaced a pair of shoes that I had worn for 3 plus years. They were cracked at the bottom and had a hole in the toe. Before dumping them in the trash I also cut of the buckles to use for a future project, then into the trash they went. Mara saw them there and was quite appalled. "Mom! Can't you recycle those!"

How do you teach your kids to be thrifty and careful?
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suzannah said...

what great things to model for your kids! i wish my mom had taught me to sew:)

Kathleen said...

That's so great that you've taught your kids to sew. I'm an art teacher and it saddens me to see kids who can't even use scissors! Your children will definitely have skills to use when they get older.

joy said...

My mom tried to teach me to sew as a child, but I was totally resistant. Now, I dearly wish I would have paid a bit more attention! Thanks for sharing your crafty, green tips with us this Thursday!

Keren said...

Jonathan looks so cute reading his bible. :)


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