Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Saving Saturday

This week I had a fun shopping trip to Target so I thought I would share.

The above items cost $10.61.

The 3 packages of cheese were $2 each (on sale, not a great deal but we needed them) = $6

The yogurt was .67 each but I had a target coupon for $1 off 8 and 2 manufactures coupons for $1 off 4. The total was $2.36 for 8 = .29 cents each. (This is not a normal buy for us as usually I make our own or get big containers but everybody thought it was a pretty fun treat.)
Money saving mom shows has links for yogurt and Kashi coupons.

The Kashi granola bars were on sale for $2.75. I had coupons for $2 off each box. total for granola bars: $2.25

The creamer was on sale 2/$3. I had 2 coupons for $1.50 off. Total: FREE
(I can't find where I got the $1.50 coupon - perhaps they don't have it anymore- but here is a $1 one. ) By the way we don't drink Coffee in our house but I have found that this creamer is very yummy (and probably not very healthy) in my Chai tea.

For more stories of savings visit MoneySavingMom.


Lana said...

I had a fun Target run this week, too. I got three Ocean Spray juices, one box of Kashi chewy bars, and 8 yogurts for $2.11 (including tax)!

3 Ocean Sprays @ 1.99 = 5.97
8 yogurts @ $0.52 = 4.16
1 Kashi box = 2.75
-(3)$1 Ocean Spray Man. Qs
-(3) $1 Target Ocean Spray Qs
-(1) $1/8 Target yogurt Q
-(2) $1/4 yogurt man. Qs
-(1) $2 Kashi Man. Q

Total before coupons = 12.88
Total coupons = 11.00
Total after coupons = 1.88 (2.11 with tax)

Not bad for a newbie!

Saph @ Walk With Me said...

Awesome! We'll be moving 3/1 and we'll be near a superTarget! Can't wait to start taking advantage of their deals!

Abbi said...

Lana, You did get some great deals! What a fun shopping trip.

Saph, I think a super Target would be rather fun as well but we have to be content with our regular one. It does have dairy however.


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