Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life at our house

We have had a busy but fun day. I thought I would share some of the goings on.

This morning after breakfast I headed west of town to the dairy where I get our milk. I was wanting to do it as efficiently as possible as there was a work day going on at the church building and I was hoping to get there in fairly good time. I got to the farm and got my milk and everything went smoothly. After leaving I was driving down the dirt road that the farm was on at around 45- 50 mph. There was a crossroads coming up and a vehicle was coming on it but they had to stop and I had the right of way and so I didn't think much about it. As I got up to it I realized "They are not stopping" and now it was to late for me to stop on a snowy road. It looked like she was surely going to run into the side of my car. I swerved out of the way and into the ditch but my car had enough momentum that I was able to hit the side of the ditch and then bounce back up on the road and keep going and then the other vehicle plowed into the ditch where I had just been. When I stopped I was just shaking but thought I had better check on the other person. The lady got out and said she was fine and that she was sorry but her brakes had gone out. Lesson for the future: Slow down when you see a vehicle coming to make sure that it is stopping! It also helped me to remember that I don't know what is going to happen in life, we never know when it will be our time to die. Either one of us could easily have died today had timing been a second different. We need to be ready whenever the time might be.

We had a fun time working at the church building today. There were quite a few that came and quite a lot was accomplished. God has blessed us a lot with the new building and we really want to use it for Him. It is starting to feel so very "homey" and comfortable there now. The kids love playing in the new nursery with the pretty thick carpet and bunches of new toys that a lady from church bought. The kitchen is also so cheery and nice to work in.

While we were at the church building one of our friends that is black was there with her little boy, Aaron was talking to them and he asked Tomisha, "Does David (her son) drink a lot of pop, is that why he is like you?" Tomisha and I puzzled a moment over that question and then with some discussion figured out that he thought they were dark because they drank pop! We had a good laugh over that and then explained that pop drinking did not cause dark skin it was from who your parents were. It made me remember when Mara was little (around 4) and I heard her discussing with herself why a friend of ours was black and she was peach. She thought that God and Jesus had a conversation about each person to decide what color they would make them.

Aaron made me laugh again a bit later when he discovered a new broom that Ken had bought for us. He asked about it and when I said Daddy had got it, he very seriously said "Daddy is a GOOD man!" The new broom he got ended up being quite fancy with a handle that you can twist and then the bottom of the broom opens up and the sweeping part gets twice as wide. Jonathan was quite fascinated with it and was quite eager to sweep when I asked him to. (That isn't a job he enjoys very much normally.)

This evening Ken took us out for supper at Applebees. He had been given a gift certificate so we ended up spending less than $15 including the tip. One thing we do to save money often is that we don't buy kids meals. We buy an adult meal (or today we bought an appetizer trio platter which had cheeseburgers, chicken, celery and quesadillas for $12) and then split it between the kids. We also often just drink water (as we did tonight). All the food was quite good and while we were waiting for it a man came by our table and offered to show us some magic tricks. He did a very good job and had the kids (and Ken and I for the most part) pretty stumped. Mara's tried very hard to figure things out but just couldn't get it. Aaron is quite sure that 2 sponge balls turned into a number 1 in his (Aaron's ) hand completely by magic.

We had beautifully warm weather today! It was around 40 degrees. The kids played outside some and we thought it would be fun to make snowmen but we ended up having to much other stuff going on. Hopefully we will have another day we can do that in soon. We thought maybe tomorrow but when we were out this evening it turned very windy and cold and snowy, so I am doubting that tomorrow will be a good snowman day.

Well that was our day. I hope yours went well and that you have a great weekend!

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martha said...

thanks for sharing your day. I'm really glad you're still alive and well! Kids are so much fun to have around!


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