Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who is she?

Early on in December Megan decided to cut her hair. She did a pretty thorough job on her right side and it really didn't look very good. She also cut some very short right in the middle of the front.

I had thought that I should do some cutting as well to try to make it better but was rather at a loss for how to do it. Well on Christmas my sisters Anna and Keren were here and thought they had figured out a plan and so I gave them the go ahead. We thought some length should come off (as it was quite thin on one side.) but I wasn't thinking quite as much as did. Oh well, she looked really strange at first but it is growing on me.

As a result of her haircut she has really been reminding us of other people. I took some pictures and I thought I would see what you thought. Here are some of our ideas:

Ramona Quimby from the book "Ramona the pest" by Beverly Clearly. (I really didn't get a picture that looks as much like that as she does a fair amount of the time!)

Maria from the "Sound of Music".

Children from the early 1900's. Also the little Jewish refuge children from the World War 2. (It reminds me of a lot of the documentary photos that I have seen.)

She also reminds us of D.W. from the Arthur books (though she isn't an animal so she does look a bit different!). She really likes D.W. and likes to quote her regularly and I think relates very well to her mischievous ways.

She also looks quite a lot like the conductor of our local Orchestra.

What do you think?


Ang said...

It isn't that bad I kinda like it.

Jessica said...

I think that she is darling! I cannot promise you that she will grow out of the hair cutting though. Imagine my suprise when my 13 YEAR OLD daughter came out of her room one day sporting these wierd lopsided long bangs. What happened? She had tangled her hair in the round brush and just decided to cut it out. I tried to fix it, but in the end I should have just left it alone. We are waiting for it to grow back out. I think that it may have been a ploy to get her hair cut, but now that she has it cut, she hates it.
I enjoy your blog. God's blessings!

me said...

I'm actually partial to short bobs on little girls. And of course, Megan would be cute any way you fix her.

Anonymous said...

I think the Maria picture turned out nicely. I guess I would vote for that one. Margaret thinks if you added a little mud the refuge one would be complete. Anna


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