Monday, January 5, 2009


The mastermind at work! :-)
The other day Ken and Jonathan got out a game that Ken and I had purchased on one of our anniversary trips. We hadn't played it for a while but it is quite a fun game for 2 people and it also really aids in learning to think logically. It is for ages 8 and up. Jonathan is 7 and had trouble understanding it at first but after a bunch of coaching from Ken and I he did seem to catch on and enjoyed it a lot. After helping Jonathan I thought Ken and I better have a match up too. He won because I made an error at one point that made me take a penalty of 3 points! Oh well, at least my brain was stretched.


maicher said...
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Mari said...

What is the game called?

Abbi said...

The name of the game is Mastermind.


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