Monday, January 19, 2009

lovely little moments of life

As I mentioned before I have been working at living in the moment and enjoying the little things in life. There has been so many beautiful, fun and sweet things in my life and I wanted to share with you.

This past week I have been privileged to do a lot of work with flowers. I am so amazed by the creativity and beauty that God put in to making flowers. It tells me that He loves beauty too and also I think He did it to make us smile and enjoy life. The bouquet above is one of my new favorite color combinations (though it doesn't look as pretty in the photo as it does in real life.)

Oh how I love seeing a "baby" that falls asleep wherever they may be. Megan was worn out tonight at supper.

A couple of days lately the boys have enjoyed making a "boat" in the living room. They have had fun sailing all over. Jonathan was the captain, Aaron the guard, Megan was the resident princes and Mara the housekeeper.

Out shopping lately I have really enjoyed observing some old men. One that I have met before at Republican events saw me looking at grapes and took the time to tell me his trick for making them last longer. (The tip is: stick a paper towel in the bag with them and shake them a bit. Then rotate them every day so any moisture can drain onto the paper towel.)
Another old man that made me grin was in the dollar store, snapping his fingers and rather dancing along to the store music.

Last night something that really warmed my heart was seeing my brother Luke going on a walk around the inside of the church building with a severely mentally handicapped man who had grabbed his hand and was leading him along. After a bit though the man saw Jonathan and thought he would make a good walking partner. Jonathan was quite serious about it all but he didn't resist and walked all over the church building with him. I was so happy to see him not afraid to show love to those that are "different".
This week I found a good deal on shoes at Target. (They are both leather and were under $5 each.) Jonathan and Aaron were both very excited and happy about the shoes. What cracks me up is that after they get ready for bed (wearing just boxers and a t-shirt) they put their shoes back on until the actually get in bed.

More on enjoying flowers.... I tried something new for me with immersing orchids in a vase. It looks so pretty! Since the show is over we now have it on our dining room table. Some people might like a fancy car when they are rich or who knows what else. When I am "rich", I'll take fresh flowers on my table every day. :-)

On Friday Keren was over with the baby she watches. He was sleeping on the floor and Megan thought she would join him.
I have also been enjoying sweet notes from my eldest daughter, songs on worship that make me think and warmer weather!!
God is so good to us. I hope you are enjoying the beauty of life as well!


martha said...

Your sailors look sweet. Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the moments.

Jessica said...

Loving the posts! Reminding me that EVERY moment is precious.
My youngest daughter is somewhat delayed mentaly, but the Lord blesses her in other ways. She has the most amazing people skills. Her love and compassion towards others (expecially the elderly) more than makes up for anything she could learn out of a book. What a blessing it is to see another child giving his time to those in need. What a BLESSING!!!

me said...

It made me smile when you shared about wearing the new shoes right up until bedtime. And what a lovely bouquet you made!

Abbi said...

Thanks to you all for sharing my "moments" with me. Life is so fun!
Jessica, you are so right that there are things far more important for children to learn than academics! It is handy if they can learn that easily but Love is what is truly important.


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