Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oofda I'm tired!

This week I decided that it would be fun to see if I could get everything done on my scheduled list each day. It's part of my whole plan to eventually be this super organized woman. :-) Anyway yesterday went great we got lots done and had the evening to relax and do whatever we wanted. Schoolwork was done, laundry was all done folded and put away, floors mopped, violin lessons taught, you get the idea. The kids also did everything on their lists and we ate supper according to our menu. We felt quite productive.

Today however... I didn't have as much on my to do list so I figured it wouldn't be to hard to do it plus spend the morning in town (from dropping off a friend at 9:30 to after my chiropractor appt. at 12:30) running a few errands and then doing some shopping for supplies for the new church building and sanding some boards at the new church building. I also had a bridal consultation at 3. Well we got everything done (though I still have my stretches to do and Mara did put off dusting 'til tomorrow) but I am tired!! I am now multi-tasking by having an ice pack tied around my neck (per chiropractors instructions to ice) and blogging to relax. I think I am pretty ready for bed! (after my stretching of course. )

How did your day go?

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