Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little lovely parts of life

I had mentioned in my goals for this year that I wanted to spend more time "living in the moment". Meaning slowing down and taking time to enjoy each small thing around me and really learning to listen to and enjoy the people around me.

I though it would be fun to share some of the fun "moments" in my life lately. (Most of them are from today as my memory isn't that great:-).) I think this will be fun to share every so often including cute things that are said, things said that make me think, stuff that makes me smile and pictures that I think are beautiful. I know I will enjoy it, I hope you might too.

Here we go.....

An excited Aaron: "5+3 is 8, I just figured that out!!" Last week we worked on flashcards some and now he is really understanding this adding business and thinks it is pretty neat.


A sweet Megan singing "Jesus loves me, I am so..." I never did find out what she was, as that is when the song started over each time.


Aaron and Megan having lots of fun playing house together. I really enjoy watching my kids interact, for the most part they play so nicely and the boys are especially tender around Megan.
Getting to share clothes with Mara for the first time. She had on a sweater(that had been given to her) this morning with sleeves that were quite a bit to long and so we rolled them up. This afternoon I was going to try to figure out some way to shorten them but first thought maybe I should just try the sweater on. Sure enough it fit... Perfectly. So sorry Mara, I am afraid you lost a cute sweater. Meanwhile mine had 3 quarter length sleeves so I said "Here, you can wear mine". It worked just fine. Mara is getting so big, before long we will be the same size for real.
Getting to point out the words to Jonathan in the hymn book this morning and enjoying hearing him sing along softly.
This photo is actually Megan at church last week. Before church I had told her to brush her hair but figured Mara or I would do the final touch up. I sent Mara in the bathroom to help her but Megan sang out "I am brushing my hair." I went to find this fancy do that she had worked very hard at. I didn't have the heart to redo it so off to church she went with a fancy bump on the front.
I had fun visiting after church tonight especially hearing Ed (an older man from church) tell a funny story but he started laughing so hard before he had hardly started and was turning red and couldn't talk that we all started laughing just because it was so contagious, not even knowing why we were laughing.

Yesterday we had fun having a simple birthday lunch for Tomisha at our house (I think we had 16 here). Tomisha loves pink so we thought it would be fun to do a little decorating. I don't have a lot of pink around but found some pink cloth to go over white tablecloths, tide of the silverware, wrapped in white napkins with pink ribbon and tucked a pink (for girls) or blue (for the boys) feather in it. Emily brought pink balloons which we blew up with a helium tank we had on hand. The girls and I also wore pink. I am not a huge pink fan but I think I am starting to like it a lot more. All the pink looked really pretty!

Mary sent over a musical candle for her cake which was rather fun. The cake, which Keren made, was a very yummy chocolate with peanut butter frosting and Reeses chunks on top. Oh I am wanting some now!


Enjoying the style of my dress-up girl. Don't you love the hat? It is supposed to be a sleeve for a princess outfit but she is sure it is for your head.


Having fun decoding a sweet e-mail message from my husband, then shooting one back in code as well.


Taking the time to read 2 chapters in our very fun naptime book several days to the delight of my oldest 3.

How has your week been? Are you enjoying the simple little moments?


Michelle said...

I love your blog... I found it through exploration, i.e. clicking the 'next blog' again and again... Sometimes I do that and pray along the way, and offering encouragement where I can. It's fun!
Anyway, I stopped here for awhile. I thought you might want to know. I liked the pictures and posts, there's lots of love here!


Bridgett said...

Thanks for sharing these moments. I am also trying to spend more time listening to people, my kids especially. Sometimes I get so "busy" that I don't have time to properly interact with them.

Angie said...

Me too, I am and have been really stressed with all that has been going on in our family and Alexis has really been acting out lately too. I think she really doesn't know how to deal with her feelings of loosing her beloved gma! Please pray for her and I so we can both deal with everything... Anyway.. I am hoping to start enjoying the everyday moments as well! I hope we can do more of that. JR and I both! I think that will be the best way I can enjoy my family in these times!

Jessica said...

I absolutley loved this post. Sometimes I just do not post because I feel that I "owe" the readers a fabulous story with exciting pictures and a grand finale`. (a novel! LOL!!!)Instead we got to see some great snapshots and read some short cute stories. I love it!


God's Blessings!

Abbi said...

Thank you all!
I hope you all are having fun living in the moment too.

materials said...
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