Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WFMW ~ Keeping my stationary organized

I have heard many people that say they don't send letters because they never can find everything they need (stamp, address, envelope, etc. ) at the same time. Though I am not always the best letter writer (it depends on how busy I am!) I don't have the excuse of not knowing where things are.

For my highschool graduation I received this fabric folder with stationary included. I have used it ever since. It is nice because I always have stationary, stamps (in a special pocket), my address book, envelopes and usually some paper and stickers for the kids to use all ready to use. I also keep in this folder the letters that I want to reply to so that I won't forget. This has been very handy for me.
I also like to make and use homemade cards. Though I do enjoy making special cards for a special occasion I also like to have a bunch ready for the spur of the moment. We also enjoy making envelopes from calenders and like to have a bunch ready to go whenever. I use these two little tubs to hold the cards and envelopes that I have ready. I also keep labels in with the envelopes. All of my stationary stuff then goes in my desk, though if I am going somewhere that I will be waiting around the folder is quite easy to grab and then I can write letters while I am waiting.

Having everything ready to go and in the same place really works for me! For more tips visit Rocks in my Dryer.

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