Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Seeking to Simplify

How was you all's week? Was it productive in your goal to get rid of clutter and simplify?

  We had a good week. 57+ items were gotten rid of, a space was cleaned out 5 different days, Lots and lots of picture files were gone through and organized and my e-mail inbox stayed pretty cleaned out (though I didn't get it done every single day). Unfortunately I didn't sell anything or even really work on that.

   This year has gone well in this area so far but still there can be discouragement from time to time. A project took longer than I hoped, or I just don't feel good and things don't get accomplished or something else comes up and needs to be done instead. That happens in my life. Does it in yours? I am guessing it does. So today I just wanted to share a couple of tips that are working for me and just some encouragement not to give up!

Here are some of the best solutions I have found for conquering excess of stuff....

Don't bring it into the house. 
First off - I am not a "purist" in this area. Yes of course I do bring in stuff from time to time. I even say "yes" gladly and thankfully when somebody asks if I would like a bag of hand-me-downs. That did happen this month and I did say yes. But I also looked through them right away, took out the few that would work for us, quickly bagged the rest back up, put them out in the van and dropped them off in the DVA bin the next time I was in town. We were blessed by what worked for us and hopefully others will be blessed by the other things. So - it isn't that we don't allow anything in but do it "responsibly" 😁.

How can we avoid things coming in?

  • Don't subscribe to magazines, etc.
  • Unsubscribe from e-mails. One less thing to bother with later.
  • Get on the "do not call list" (this isn't physical clutter but it is time clutter to deal with phone calls) and then when you still get calls from organizations ask them to take you off their list.
  • DON'T SHOP. Obviously we have to some of the time but I think far to often it is done recreationally instead of out of a real need. Before you shop clean out your closet and your kids closet and make sure all your laundry is clean to be sure you really do need that item of clothing. Also mend and polish shoes so you can see all that you have in their best light. Figure out where something is going to go before you bring it home. Think twice, three or more times before purchasing something that could potentially clutter up your house.
I did have some other things I really wanted to share but it is getting late so this will have to be continued next week.

Meanwhile I would love it if you would share your tips!!!


SpicingUpIdaho said...

You always share such great advice Abbi. Not shopping - that is the best way to not bring clutter home. I used to go to garage sales, but have quit due to the fact that it is just more of the same of what I have that I bring home. It must feel great to have gotten rid of so much stuff this week. Way to go :)

texasgidget said...

Abbi, thanks so much for your great suggestions. I want to also suggest something I recently found while looking on my library's website. I highly suggest that other check out their local library as well. Sometimes they have electronic subscriptions to magazines that you can check out as well as the electronic books that you can check out. While I love my library, when we go on trips, it's easier for me to lug around a Kindle than a stack of books. Have a blessed day!

Abbi said...

Marilyn, I have come to feel pretty strongly about the not shopping thing. Obviously others can do whatever works best for them but it can be frustrating for me to see someone who is struggling financially but still hits every garage sale they can and has a home overflowing with stuff. Just because we can buy something far below full price doesn't mean that we need it or even can really afford it. Everything adds up. Both in the amount it costs and the space it takes. :-)It has been such a blessing to be able to go through as much as I have and get rid of things.

Texas Gidget,
Thanks for sharing that tip! That is something that I still need to check into - the getting of electronic reading material from the library. I know our library does have it as well.


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