Saturday, January 7, 2017

This Week in Pictures

Monday morning found us having a relaxing day at home. Ken stayed home from work though still worked quite a bit on a project here at home. We did our traditional watching of the Rose Bowl parade. This was something that I did as a child at my Grandparents home in Nebraska. My Mom did it as a child at her Grandma's house and now my children also have fun watching it.

Monday also brought sickness to our house with Aaron being the first one to come down with the stomach flu.
 Megan soon joined him (Monday evening) and then spent most of Tuesday on the couch as well (thankfully no more throwing up on Tuesday however). So far the rest of us have stayed well but I am wondering if Mara is coming down with it tonight.

 Tuesday evening we played one of our favorite games - Ticket to Ride. You may notice the fancy purple pieces. Aaron and I made those as a 6 person extension as our family has 6 members and we all like to play.

My kids love to read. Megan also seems to really enjoy reading outloud. Kitchi is getting a good literary education and Aaron seems to enjoy listening as well. I love seeing them spend time together like this.

I did some adventurous cooking and made jam from various things from my fridge and freezer.
 Granola bars. I got around to doing some baking yesterday including bread, Runzas, granola and granola bars. My family seems to be enjoying them.

What were some of the fun or mundane things that you did this week?


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Sounds like a cozy week minus the sickness. I cooked a 18 pound turkey and deboned it, shredded the meat, and put it up in 2 cup portions for meals. Made brownies and a cheesecake. Through together a yummy veggie soup and we played board games over the weekend.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I am SO sorry you all have been so sick! I trust all of you feel much better soon. :)

Abbi said...

Chrissy, Your week sounds homey and fun too. It is so nice to get practical things like prepping food done and ready to go.

Cheryl, I am very thankful that we didn't all get sick. The stomach flu seems to be gone but some now have a cold. Ken and I haven't had any sickness. I am not sure why the kids seem so much more susceptible. We really try to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle but it seems like sickness does still come at times. Thankfully they seem to be able to fight it off fairly quickly.


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