Saturday, January 14, 2017

Freebie Friday (Make that Saturday) and a GIVEAWAY!

This post is about celebrating the many wonderful things in life that don't require going out and spending money. 

Five Fun things to do for Free

  1. Go Ice Skating
  2. Learn to juggle (Aaron recently mastered juggling 3 balls!)
  3. Play Hide-and-Seek in the house with the lights off (adults too!)
  4. Make envelopes from old calendars 
  5. Knit something from yarn you already have on hand. Be creative in combining yarns. I am almost done with a sweater for Megan that I made in this way.

                                                                       Learn for Free
Read for Free (on your Kindle or possibly other devices)
Listen for Free

This one is rather fun to watch as well as listen to:

Free Gifts to Give

A Hug

A Song (I know many who love to listen to music - especially at the nursing home)


I have a DVD of "To Joey With Love" to give away!

To win, please leave a comment telling of one of your favorite things to do for free. Be sure to leave a way that I can contact you if you win.

This giveaway will go through January 21st. Then we will randomly choose a winner.

And the winner is RENEE!


"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 6:23

Disclaimer: When I say free it doesn't mean that it didn't cost somebody something. Also I may list various activities that are free to me because I already own the equipment needed but if you don't than it wouldn't be free to you - just skip those. Some things that might be listed might not be truly free (like inviting your neighbor to join you for supper) but really aren't going to cost much more than you would already be paying.


angie said...

We like to play board and card games. Recently, I wanted to get a new game,but it was out of stock. Then, I realized that it only required decks of cards and a very simple game board. So I made the game board on card stock and laminated it. I already had all of those materials, so it only cost me a couple new decks of cards at the dollar store!
I am enjoying all of your new blog series.

Abbi said...

Angie, That is pretty cool! What is the name of the game that you made?

R Connell said...

Haddie has been using duolingo too to learn German! We also get free books on a kindle! Or watch movies on YouTube! We also listen to music on there!!

Anna said...

I've been making sprouts again, fresh produce in the winter. This might seem silly but I signed our foster child up for WIC so I saved $148 dollars this month on formula! Library and kindle for books. Duolingo for Bea's German. Heated our house with wood....

Abbi said...

That is a significant savings on formula and I don't consider that a bit silly. :-)


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