Saturday, March 8, 2008

A busy day

Today was our county's Republican Convention. Ken and I were both delegates so we were there. Ken was very involved in getting everything ready and announcing and making it all run as smoothly as possible. I got to help check everybody in, count them up and then decide which alternates could be seated. I had to be to the location to do that by 8:30 am and so in order to get everybody up and dressed and Ken and I fed and the kids taken over to my parents and dropped off, we had to get up way earlier than we normally do on a Saturday. Everything went smoothly though so that was very nice. I had put stuff in the car the night before and set the kids clothes out so they were all ready to go.

The convention was fun and interesting. I saw many people that I knew which was neat and then I was able to get to know some others. I got to meet a man that has decided to run for House of Rep. and talk with others about issues that were important to them. We had to chose the delegates that would now go on to district and state convention. I was nominated and then each of us that were nominated had to tell something about ourselves and explain whether we were committed to going to the conventions. I don't really care for public speaking so that was not the highlight of my day but I made it through with a very short and sweet speech. I was quite impressed, some of the people had quite long speeches which they even had notes for. I am not able to go to the district convention (My Brother and his family from Cal. are coming for just a few days at the time and I have not seen them for around 2 years so that is more important to me) but do plan on going to state. The State convention is in Rochester (Betsy, can we finally visit you?) and I think it will be a neat experience. Ken is a delegate and I am only an alternate but I guess it is quite possible that I will be seated.

After figuring out the delegates we talked about resolutions. That is always quite fun and makes you think about what really is important to have laws about and what should be left for people to decide for themselves. We passed quite a few resolutions to go through the system in hopes of becoming part of the GOP platform.

The convention went until 1pm and then I helped clean up quickly and then had to run to catch a 1:30 appointment with a bride at our country club to discuss decorations for her wedding. I was thankful that I had packed a sandwich as I was hungry!

Meeting with the bride was fun. I love dreaming about weddings and how to use flowers to decorate. This wedding will be quite elegant and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product! We ended up visiting until 3:30.

I ran in very quickly to one of our grocery stores to get their good deals of celery, cheese and butter and then went to Mom and Dad's to pick up the kids.

I had been planning on trying to go out to the farm today to get the milk but my parents very graciously volunteered to go for which I was very thankful. I would not have been able to make it after all with how my schedule went and so it was a blessing that they went. They had quite a job today because since we are all busy next weekend with our Winter Retreat we decided to get enough milk for 2 weeks. They got over 20 gallons of milk today! (that is for 4 different families but we did get 13 gallons for us as we are having company all next week) If I would have gone by myself that would have been quite the weight lifting for one day.

Tonight we have pretty much just been relaxing around here. I am planning on heading to bed in a few minutes so that I can get enough rest since we have a time change tomorrow. Good night everyone!


Betsy Cradic said...

Abbi, we would LOVE to have you and your family come for a visit! When is the convention going to be?

MandyBoggs said...

Hi Abbi,
I found a great website that I thought you might enjoy.
It has great lessons on the 50 states with activities, facts, and ideas for each state.

Just something I ran across and thought I'd pass along. :-)

Abbi said...

Betsy, I will call you soon to discuss the details. I am really looking forward to finally seeing where you live and hopefully getting to spend some time with you and Winn.

Mandy, Thanks for the link. I haven't see that one before and I am looking forward to checking it out. I have found a lot of neat links about the states which I am hoping to put all together in a post soon.


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