Saturday, March 8, 2008

Something new at our house

At our house we have been finding out just how much energy two young boys (and two girls) can have. Especially when they haven't been getting outside as much. When Ken comes home in the evening he has been getting attached and wrestled with like crazy. Jonathan could wrestle for hours!

Ken decided that we really needed something else to help use up energy so he decided air hockey would be a fun thing for him to do with the kids. That of course led to the purchase of an air hockey table.

Last week it arrived and the boys couldn't wait to get it set up. They have had a lot of fun playing on it. We have all taken our turns and had a good time. Ken and I have even had fun playing. Well at least I had fun playing, I must have been having beginners luck because until tonight I have beat Ken the times I have played!

We put our table in my recently cleaned out laundry room which is now not so spacious again, Oh well! Megan is enjoying watching some games while perched on the washing machine.

If you have active kids, what are some things that you have fun doing together inside to use up some energy?
(Another thing that we did around here lately was let the boys wear my pedometer and they had a blast just walking around the loop in our house seeing how far they could walk. One evening Jonathan walked over a mile.)

I am looking forward to having this game to use while having company. Let me know if you would like to come over! :-)

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All in a Day said...

My boys would LOVE that! They like playing the different games at the church building in Brainerd.


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